Barton Will’s Game Statistics for the years 2021-2022

Will Barton

The Denver Nuggets required a sound, Will Barton, in the absence of MPJ and Murray, and they got that for the most part. Seventy-one (71) games played, and 71 starts were his highest totals since the 2017-2018 season.

Denver’s third-leading scorer, Barton, averaged 14.7 points per game this season, making him the second-leading scorer. Barton’s inconsistency in the shooting has produced, yet his overall point totals stayed very consistent. In November, he averaged 16.6 points per game, and in March, he averaged 12.7 points per game.

When the Broncos opened the season 4-2 in October, Barton was a key cog in their dominating defense. Denver held opponents to only 101.3 points per game. During that month, while Barton had his most excellent plus/minus of 8.3. However, after December, Barton did not have a negative plus/minus for any month of the year after Denver’s defense’s return to reality.

Will Barton Second-half Goals

Will Barton didn’t have All-Star stats, but he filled a need for the Broncos that no one else could. In the absence of him, wing scoring would be almost non-existent. It’s easy to overlook that Barton and Jokic are two of the team’s most essential pillars of strength. The Nuggets were able to survive tough times because of his contributions and leadership. In the second half, he stood second on the Nuggets in scoring with 2.2 three-pointers per game. He wasn’t a superstar, but he performed well enough to help the Denver Nuggets advance to the Western Conference semifinals.

Has he made it to the postseason?

Will Barton did carry over some of his regular-season success to the playoffs in the grand scheme of things, but it wasn’t enough for Denver to win the series. Denver’s third-leading scorer made 2.2 three-pointers per game, tied for the team’s highest rate. Unfortunately, he had his most acceptable scoring performance in Game 2’s rout. There were twenty-four points, six rebounds, and five assists with 10-18 shooting.

Other than a six-point showing in the last game of the regular season, Barton’s postseason performances were all between 12 and 14 points. The Nuggets needed a great Will Barton to beat the Warriors, but they didn’t get one. There were no Game 6s or 7s without multiple 20-point efforts from Will, and they couldn’t even get past the Warriors without him.

Although Will Barton is a good and versatile player, he is not an All-Star type player in his career. Barton anticipates replacing the void left by the absence of Murray and MPJ, but regrettably, that was not the case. Barton remained true to his character, as he always has been. There was no Thrill this playoffs, but Will did hit some crucial shots like the late corner three in Game 4 despite it.

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