Why Collin Sexton should sit on the bench for the Cavs next season

Collin Sexton is one of the league’s finest young players. He ranks as the 25th-best under 25 player by Bleacher Report before this season.

His ability to score makes him one of the league’s top young players. Sexton was the 18th-leading scorer per game for the Cleveland Cavaliers last season.

Collin Sexton, 6’1″ and plays shooting guard, shot the ball very well, hitting 47.5 percent on the field and 37.1 percent on the court beyond the arc. Yes, his scoring statistics are exceptional for anybody, not just a young player, but what more can he do?

If he returns to the Cavs in free agency, Collin Sexton believe his most significant role would be coming off the bench next season. I had him in the Cavs’ projected starting two for next season, but that has to be updated.

Given the offensive firepower he provides to Cleveland, some would disagree with me. Yes, this is true, but his several flaws, in my view, exceed his one plus.

Advanced Statistics

Consider Collin Sexton’s rookie season, when naming the All-Rookie Second Team. He played 82 games that season, averaging 16.7 points and 3.0 assists per game. Those figures seem to be excellent for a newbie! Sure, he didn’t have the best assist stats for a guard, but that’s acceptable. Point guards who are new to the NBA sometimes struggle to acclimatize.

Collin Sexton tests by advanced stats that season.

As he had a -8.2 plus-minus, second only to Cedi Osman and Kevin Knox. When you add a negative 8.2 plus-minus per game by 82 for all of the games he played that season, you get -672.4.

According to status, his overall plus-minus was the lowest for a rookie in NBA history, and it was the fifth-worst for any player of all time. So, despite his impressive results, Sexton struggled in his debut season.

According to status, his total plus-minus was the lowest for a rookie in NBA history, and it was the fifth-worst of all time. Collin Sexton struggled in his first season, despite his remarkable numbers.

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