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3rd in Southeast Division | 35-47

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Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Team Name: Washington Wizards, Washington Bullets, Capital Bullets, Baltimore Bullets, Chicago Zephyrs, Chicago Packers
Seasons: 61; 1961-62 to 2021-22
Record: 2216-2691, .452 W-L%
Playoff Appearances: 30
Championships: 1

Washington Wizards History

The Washington Wizards, a professional basketball team based in Washington, D.C., have a rich and storied history that traces back to their establishment in 1961 as the Chicago Packers. The franchise relocated to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1963 and changed its name to the Baltimore Bullets. Finally, in 1973, the franchise settled in Washington, D.C., and adopted the name Washington Bullets, which was later changed to the Washington Wizards in 1997.

Ups and downs marked the team’s early years in the NBA. Led by stars such as Walt Bellamy and Earl Monroe, the Bullets enjoyed success, reaching the NBA Finals in 1971. However, they fell short of winning the championship, losing to the Milwaukee Bucks.

In the late 1970s, the Bullets experienced a resurgence. Led by the legendary center Wes Unseld, along with players like Elvin Hayes and Bobby Dandridge, the team reached the NBA Finals again in 1975. This time, they were victorious, capturing their first and only NBA championship in franchise history.

The team underwent various changes throughout the 1980s and 1990s and faced challenges. They had notable players like Jeff Malone, Bernard King, and Chris Webber, who brought excitement to the nation’s capital. However, consistent success proved elusive.

In 1997, the team rebranded as the Washington Wizards, adopting a new name and logo. Michael Jordan, one of the finest basketball players of all time, joined the franchise as a co-owner and president of basketball operations in the early 2000s, ushering in a significant transformation for the team. Although Jordan’s tenure as a player with the Wizards was brief, it brought attention and enthusiasm to the team.

In recent years, the Wizards have seen a resurgence. Led by star guards such as John Wall and Bradley Beal, the team has made multiple playoff appearances and showcased their competitiveness. They have become a fixture in the Eastern Conference, aiming to build upon their success and compete for championships.

Throughout their history, the Wizards have maintained a loyal fan base in Washington, D.C. The team’s commitment to community involvement and their passionate fans have made them an integral part of the city’s sports landscape.

As the franchise continues to evolve, the Wizards strive to bring excitement, competitive basketball, and pride to the nation’s capital. With a talented roster and a dedicated organization, they aim to add new chapters to their history and bring sustained success to the team and its fans.