The message from Tyrese Maxey to Nick Nurse that sparked the big game against the Lakers

The message from Tyrese Maxey to Nick Nurse

The way the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Los Angeles Lakers was the same as other wins they’ve had. The Sixers led in the first half and easily won the second. Joel Embiid did not play in the fourth quarter. Tyrese Maxey was very active from the start, which was one thing that changed for them.

Maxey scored 20 points in the first half. That’s the most he’s scored in a half this season since mid-December, when he scored 25 points. Nick Nurse talks about Maxey having to be “aggressive” all the time. It’s getting old the way he does it. He has made that point very clear and will keep doing so.

But in this game, Tyrese Maxey decided to play more boldly. He did that, and Embiid got 30 points as well. In the end, Maxey had 31 points and eight assists.

“He had mentioned that he was just going to come out and be way more aggressive at the start tonight. He did. ‘Man, I gotta get into the game sooner,’ was his comment. He did that,” Nurse said. “And he was moving so good — even all that, you know, back and forth between him and Joel, but when he was turning on the jets, he was getting separated, either for a three left or turning the corner. And I thought he played a little more physically than he’s been playing.

He decided that instead of getting run into, he started doing the running into a few times when he turned the corner with a lot of speed and put his shoulder down. I think his mindset was going in there a little earlier tonight.”

Nurse has said that Maxey is too good to be hidden at the beginning of games, even if he makes up for it by having a great second half. When you look at it backward, Maxey did most of his damage in the first half. But the fact that he and Philly played so well in the first two quarters was the only reason they didn’t score in the second half.

Tyrese Maxey said that he felt like, in the Sixers last few games, he was “just kind of out there just trying to go with the flow — and I think that hurts our team more than helps us.” He said that his passivity led to him switching gears and being more aggressive, which he said amounts to “trying to get into the paint, trying to kick out the shooters, and then looking for my shot as well.”

Maxey said that one of his main goals is to get guys shots and keep them interested in the game. He said that because Paul Reed sets so many screens and makes so many hard plays, he tries to get him two or three shots every game. For Nurse, it’s hard to see Maxey being too hostile unless she goes into full ball-hog mode.

“When he tells me, ‘I’m gonna be more aggressive tonight,’ I say, ‘Well, s**t, I only tell you that every day,” Nurse said with a laugh. “I tell you that every day, but good.”

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