Tyrese Maxey gets a bad grade after the Sixers lose Game 2 to the Heat

Tyrese Maxey

Tyrese Maxey: B

While Tyrese Maxey is an excellent scorer, he seems to be unsure of where he should be on the offensive end in terms of space at times.

Coach Doc Rivers seemed to get up many time. And yell at him to go on that end of the field for the offense to flow smoothly. In this game, he struggled in the half-court, but he was successful when Philadelphia could go out in transition. He got into a flow after a few baskets fell, and he did an excellent job of putting the Sixers into a rhythm on the offensive end.

MIAMI, Florida — The Philadelphia 76ers needed a victory over the Miami Heat to feel good about anything. Before the series moves to Philadelphia and Joel Embiid’s likely comeback. On Wednesday, they had a lot riding on Game 2 in South Florida to get back into the series.

In the first half, Philadelphia stayed with the Heat, and in the third quarter, they made a fast surge to come within four points, but they couldn’t go any closer. The Sixers could not reply to Miami’s rally, and Game 2 lost by 119-103. The series will now go to the Wells Fargo Center, where Embiid expects to return.

Philadelphia by Tyrese Maxey’s 34 focuses, James Harden’s 20 focuses, nine bits of help, and Tobias Harris’s 21 focuses. DeAndre Jordan scored six points and five rebounds in his second start.

While Furkan Korkmaz had eight and six rebounds off the bench.

James Harden: C+

In addition, P.J. Tucker deserves recognition. Harden is in his face and presses him the whole floor whenever he gets the ball. Tucker was up in his face even after he hit a corner triple in the first quarter to make things difficult for him. Early in the game, Harden had a couple of terrible mistakes and seemed to settle a lot while forcing some awful looks. In his defense, the Heat threw everything at him in this game. And the Sixers couldn’t capitalize on their open eyes.

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