September 27, 2022
Nick Nurse's team doesn't appear

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A series that seemed destined to be a hard-fought battle has so far been dictated by Doc Rivers’ team, despite the fact that the season seemed to indicate that the Canadian team knew how to deal with Philadelphia.

Every team sees a return to their home arena as a chance to turn the tide in their favor. This season, on the other hand, does not yet provide options for particularly high hopes in that regard. They finished the season with 16 wins and 20 losses.

In terms of the opposition, the Raptors’ defense failed to deal with any of their opponent’s key players in the first game. Big. A dewy rotation should have given the team a pressure advantage in the paint and on the boards, but that didn’t happen, and Barnes’ injury had a noticeable impact on the roster and the team’s mood. There is no doubt that OKBET is going to be an entertaining match.

I really want to believe that when Toronto returns home, where they won their final regular-season game against Philadelphia, Nurse’s team will find the right balance of defense and offense and win the series for the first time.

At first, trading Harden for Simmons appeared to be a good deal, but after a few strong games, things returned to normal. Mr. “The Beard” returned to the shadows. And it was at that point that the possibility of fighting for the title this season was called into question.

But the first two games of the series against Toronto demonstrated that Harden doesn’t need to be a star, just good enough, not failing too much and dishing out assists, while Maxi, Harris, and, of course, Embiid will fight for victory by scoring points.

So far, there are no weaknesses in Doc Rivers’ team’s play, but Doc has a habit of losing winning stories, so let’s not rush things.

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Nick Nurse’s team doesn’t appear: Returning home will undoubtedly have an impact on the home team’s attitude and capabilities, but having two starting players in question at the same time is a problem, as is limiting attacks from the perimeter. As a result, despite Toronto’s victory in the final regular-season meeting between the teams, dealing with such a confident Philadelphia will be extremely difficult. Betting on the home team’s defense appears to be the only option, plus there is nowhere to go, the series score of 3-0 is almost a verdict, so today is the moment of truth for the Raptors. And the leaders in Siakam and VanVleet must demonstrate everything they have in their arsenal.

  • Total Under (218.0) for 1.76;
  • Fred VanVleet Total Over 24.5 points for 2.80;
  • W1 and Total Under (216.5) for 3.60.

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