The ‘greedy’ Timberwolves believe that now is the time to stack victories.


Chris Finch, the Timberwolves coach, says the team has to “get greedy.”

After the All-Star break, the Wolves won their first three games, defeating Memphis, Cleveland, and Golden State. Three teams that are all expected to make the playoffs at the end of the season. Philadelphia is a potential championship contender. It was the only team they lost.

The Wolves are 34-29, which indicates several weeks. They want to move up into the Western Conference’s top six seeds and out of the play-in round.

Now is their chance to cause chaos.

They’ll play five games against teams with losing records, beginning on Friday in Oklahoma City. The team then plays two home games against Portland, one home game against Oklahoma City, and a road game against Orlando. The Timberwolves have a chance to embark on a seven-game winning streak and, as a result, climb the standings. All they have to do now is beat the people they are supposed to be lost.

“Right now, we have to go greedy,” coach Chris Finch said. “Coming down the stretch, we’re going to need as many wins as we can get. And as much cushion as we can get.”

The Timberwolves, currently the No. 7 seed, entered Thursday 2 ½ games back of No. 6 Denver and 3 ½ back of No. 5 Dallas. They were 1 ½ game ahead of the No. 8 Clippers.

Oklahoma City has a record of (20-42), while Orlando has 15-48. 

Portland has dropped three straight games by a combined score of more than 30 points. 

A Timberwolves team that swept Golden State, Cleveland, and Memphis are natural all-star.

“They’re a young team that plays extremely hard. “They are going to come out and fight you every night.” Timberwolves coach Chris Finch said of the Thunder. “As the season progresses, we indicated there will be a lot of twists and turns, whether it’s what happens to us or what happens to other teams.” It Can not see into the future or foresee what will happen. “Right now, we’re not in that business.”

Denver (36-26) is one of the Western Conference team Minnesota (34-29) is chasing. The Nuggets have been playing exceptionally well recently. They were 15-point favorites against the Thunder at home on Wednesday but fell by 12 points on a night when Denver’s starters shot a collective 1-for-25 from 3-point range.

Minnesota’s objective of finishing in the top six in the Western Conference is to avoid the play-in round. Also, advance directly to the playoffs repeated by Finch. He also stated that the Timberwolves must be “greedy” right now. 

Minnesota is ranked ninth in the Western Conference. Three losses back of Denver and four back of Dallas.

D’Angelo Russell said, “We’re shooting for the stars.” “Every game will matter, and it will be our focus and attention to detail that will get us over the hump in games like that.” All we have to do now is concentrate. Our focus, I believe, will get us whatever we want.”

The level of the opponent drops, the wins come easy for an extended time. Then maintaining that focus might be so hard. The Timberwolves could outscore the Thunder and Blazers by 20 points. Will they be able to maintain the same attitude in Monday’s game versus Portland?

“With this part of the schedule, I think the most important thing right now is to keep focused on the very next game in front of us.” “I believe we play four games versus two opponents,” Finch explained. “Those are hard because you learn a lot about a squad. Then you have to run it back.” They’re deceptive, as we discovered in Sacramento. When you are against the same opponent multiple times, it is hard to stay focused. Right now, that’s the most crucial thing – no looking ahead.”

Patrick Beverley

Timberwolves believe that now is the time for victories

The key, according to Russell, is to keep the focus on self-improvement. The Timberwolves should be more concerned with how they play than their opponents play. Patrick Beverley noted before the all-star break that it’s not about the opponent on any particular night. It is about growing and improving. So that the Timberwolves can compete with teams like Phoenix and Golden State come playoff time.

“Whenever we compete, at every level that I’ve been on, I think the attention to detail goes up – your approach, your preparation counts more than your level of play,” Russell said. “You can go out there and not do what you normally do. Still have an impact on the game because of your preparation and being there. For that defensive stop, and stuff like that.” And in the playoffs, that’s all that matters. Every game comes down to one-stop, one possession, one box out. Whose hand did it leave? In our game, simple things like that are minor. We’re just trying to get ready now so that when those issues arise, we’ll be ready.

NBA Conference Standings: Timberwolves

“As the season progresses, we indicated there would be a lot of twists and turns, whether it’s what happens to us or what happens to other teams,” Finch said. “We’re not in that business right now, so we can’t look forward or foresee.”

One of the problems this young Wolves squad has experienced is becoming too enamored with its accomplishments. Last season, it was a point of emphasis after the Wolves would win a game. For only to lose other games the following week. This season, there have been fewer missteps in that department. D’Angelo Russell, a guard, commended Finch and his staff. As well as experienced guard Patrick Beverley, for that.

Anthony Edwards was out of the game on Tuesday. Due to left knee tendinopathy. Edwards went through the walkthrough portion and relatively low-intensity practice on Thursday. According to Finch, he is unavailable on Friday. The Wolves may rack up wins without relying on Edwards as they may in season due to the easy schedule.

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