The Orlando Magic will have to make roster choices sooner than they expect

The Orlando Magic is dealing with an issue as the summer approaches. It is visible to everyone who is following the roster. It is visible to everyone who is preparing for the draft.

The roster’s reality and the team’s youth indicate that Orlando is approaching some critical decisions.

Because the team is still in its early stages of growth, it seems that some of these choices will have to postpone. Young players might be gathered by the squad and allowed to grow organically.

It’s difficult to determine who to pass on since the squad is so young and has many players who have shown signs of improvement and ability. That is always risky in and of itself – no club wants to keep a player too long and lose all value, but no team wants to let a young talent leave too soon.

Many of these young athletes are members of the Orlando Magic. They appear to have these young talents in every position.

They’re planning to add more. This young team must make choices because it will only add to the sense of urgency and immediacy.

The Orlando Magic’s roster is beginning to fill up. The team will have to make some personnel selections to start moving the squad ahead.

Whether they like it or not, this offseason will have to be a period of deliberate decision-making. Even though the Orlando Magic would like to postpone these until summer, the club must spend this offseason preparing for the future. And it will mean making decisions about young players on the squad and establishing the team’s future more clearly.

The truth is that a roster crisis isn’t just around the corner. It has already arrived. And the Orlando Magic can’t afford to play anybody while still generating the money they want.

The Orlando Magic’s primary emphasis this offseason will undoubtedly be on getting the team’s draft choice correct. In this year’s draft, the Oralando Magic will have a top-six selection.

There’s a chance the squad may get a guy who is ripe for greatness.

However, it is undeniable that the Orlando Magic must choose the greatest player available. There aren’t many players building stones – Franz Wagner is one of them, and Wendell Carter is the starting center or power forward. Jalen Suggs, Markelle Fultz, and Jonathan Isaac are just a few talented guys who still have a lot to show.

On the other hand, the Orlando Magic should not feel bound to any position or believe that practically every post is filling.

The squad’s most critical need is a star to anchor the roster. That player hasn’t progressed. And it’s difficult to predict how everything will fall into place until that player grows or emerges — or is acquired.

That is at least part of what determines where this roster goes forward.

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