The Lakers Dismissed Frank Vogel because he Failed to Get the Most Out of Russell Westbrook

The Lakers

The Lakers have had this year. But the agreement is that he should not be held responsible for his team’s poor performance, despite his shortcomings. Frank Vogel is usually towards the bottom of lists of people to blame for the dismal season the Los Angeles. After all, acquiring Russell Westbrook through trade was not his idea. He had zero desire to assemble a squad of ten low-paid players. Despite this, he is now being held responsible for it. According to Athletic, his handling of the Westbrook problem was a significant factor in his dismissal from the team.

The Lakers understood that Westbrook was a terrible shooter and a sluggish cutter before the season

The Westbrook experiment didn’t pan out. As reported by Athletic, there were doubts about whether or not he had set in a situation to succeed. This reasoning falls apart as soon as it puts to the test. When the Lakers signed Russell Westbrook. They understood he’d be a liability playing off the ball next to LeBron James. Because of his awful shooting and sloppy cutting. They also knew he was a lousy defender. o it would be tough for him to fit into Vogel’s defensive-first philosophy. As stated, the Lakers blame Vogel for getting him to accomplish things that no other coach has been able to achieve.

Front-office executives who fired Vogel had to find someone to blame to save their careers, and Vogel was the obvious choice since he was an outcast. You may question why the Lakers would reveal their support for Russell Westbrook if you follow the breadcrumbs here. Many options exist, some of which are promising.

Best-case scenario, they’re trying to get some leverage out of it

These stories won’t help them in their negotiations for Westbrook moves. If other teams feel the Lakers are willing to retain Westbrook, the Lakers hope this assumption will help them avoid a Westbrook trade without losing significant draft picks.

The other scenario here is that the Lakers have already decided that they are hesitant to pay significant draft money to transfer Westbrook. They are utilizing the media to prepare fans for the potential that he will be back next season. Additionally, according to Sam Amick, the current coaching search includes former Lakers coach Phil Jackson, a fan of Russell Westbrook and has been active in club affairs in recent years.

For the Lakers to prove to be the best for a title next season, they cannot bring back Russell Westbrook. Must trade Westbrook if the team wants to win immediately. A return of LeBron James would indicate that the Los Angeles Lakers are just eroding the legacy of their star player while they await the expiration of their contracts to begin a rebuild.

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