The Golden State Warriors will grab the lead over the Memphis Grizzlies

grab the lead over

Grab the lead over: Memphis nevertheless managed to win one of Golden State’s two home games. Will the Grizzlies be successful on the road this time? Let’s place a couple of wagers on game three of the second-round NBA playoff series.

The Warriors completed the regular season behind Memphis, therefore they began the series on the road in the second round. That reality, though, does not bode well for Steve Kerr’s club. The Warriors beat the Grizzlies in the opening game in Tennessee, earning home-court advantage.

Golden State almost won the second game as well. However, a series of dubious refereeing decisions plus the outstanding performance of the Warriors’ captain, Ja Morant, prevented the Warriors from leaving Memphis with a two-game lead. 101-106 — In addition to Morant and the referees, Klay Thompson, who had a terrible game, should be mentioned. Only two of his 12 three-point attempts were made by one of the finest shooters in basketball history.

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The Grizzlies continued their winning run by winning the second game of the series. Taylor Jenkins’ squad will now have a chance to play the fifth game at home if they lose even two games in San Francisco.

Memphis won the second game of the series due mainly to Ja Morant. The Grizzlies leading scorer ended with 47 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists.

  • James Wiseman and Gary Payton will not play for the Golden State Warriors. Andre Iguodala is uncertain;
  • Killian Tillie will not play for Memphis. Santi Aldama and Steven Adams are both doubtful.

The series score is 1-1.

Grab the lead over: Golden State wrested home-court advantage from Memphis by winning one of two road games. In-game three, the Warriors will undoubtedly consolidate their lead in the series. The Grizzlies went above and above in the second game. To guarantee the score was level before the two games in San Francisco, Ja Morant had to score over 50 points, and the officials had to make numerous contentious calls in favor of the Grizzlies towards the end. The Warriors and Klay Thompson, who struggled in the second game, will undoubtedly make amends at the Chase Center.

Prediction: a solid win for Golden State.

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  • Klay Thompson TO (21.5) for 1.83;
  • H1 (-6.5) for 1.892;
  • W1+TO (225.5) for 2.50.

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