The Detroit Pistons have ‘space’ to acquire a quality player

Detroit Pistons

Most fans are aware that the Detroit Pistons have more salary-cap room than other NBA clubs. They also have another trick for signing a decent player: ‘The Room Exception.’

While the Pistons have considerable salary cap flexibility for the first time in a long time, they can also apply a cap gimmick thanks to their blowout status. The Mid-Level Exception, sometimes known as the ‘Room’ Exception, is for clubs under the salary limit.

Hoops Rumors does a fantastic job of describing it without the legal jargon:

If a team falls under the cap, it loses its full mid-level exception but gains this lesser room exception, which permits the team to sign a player after it has used up all of its cap space. It used to sign players for up to two years, with the second season receiving a 5% boost.

No amount is certain until the NBA announces the final salary cap for the 2022-23 season, but Hoops Rumors predicts the Pistons will have $5,329,000 to spend on their Room exception.

It provides Troy Weaver, the general manager of the Detroit Pistons, another quiver with which to aim a player.

Depending on different variables: how numerous choices do the Cylinders choose upon its current players. Does Cory Joseph choose up his player choice, how much will Marvin Bagley III fetched to hold and the vast address, will Jerami Give return.

The Detroit Pistons may have between $20-40 million in cap space to play with this summer.

The exemption may apply to numerous players. But it cannot use in conjunction with another transaction, such as a trade or extension.

The Room Exception would mostly come into play if the Detroit Pistons signed a high-priced free agent (Jalen Brunson?, Miles Bridges?, Deandre Ayton?) or made a deal requiring a large salary, thereby using all of their salary cap space.

Weaver has to complete 15 NBA roster places and two two-player contracts, and he has always said that he wants some veterans on the squad. If a large trade eliminates cap space, the Pistons may still sign players using the Room Exception.

Now, $5.3 million won’t buy you James Harden or Zack Levine. But with so many NBA clubs dealing with salary issues this season, a decent player may be in Detroit Piston’s lap.

Remember how many people predicted Hamidou Diallo would get $12-13 million per year as a restricted free agent last offseason? He returned to the Detroit Pistons for nearly the same amount as this year’s room exemption ($5.1 million).

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