The Chicago Bulls, according to Magic Johnson, need to change

According to at least one Hall of Fame great, the Chicago Bulls need to address some concerns this summer.

Despite having a bright outlook for the first half of the regular season, injuries exposed certain flaws in the squad. Namely a lack of depth that proved costly in the first round of the playoffs.

Magic Johnson, a five-time NBA champion and Lakers icon, added Chicago to his list of clubs. In that, he need to be aggressive this summer on Monday afternoon.

However, I’m not sure it’s fair to group the Bulls in with clubs like Utah and Brooklyn. Both of which are in desperate need of a makeover. While they could undoubtedly improve in several areas, including rebounding and bench depth. The club was severely by losing key players such as Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso throughout the season.

The Chicago Bulls, fortunately, will have the 18th selection in a quality draft class to help them fill some roster gaps. They discovered a gem in Ayo Dosunmu last year, despite waiting for 37 choices to make their decision.

Aside from the draft, Chicago will most likely be open to any avenues for improvement in the coming months, including free agency, trades, and roster shuffles.

It isn’t the first time Magic in Chicago has expressed an opinion regarding the Bulls and their roster in recent weeks. He blamed the Knicks’ failings this season on not signing Lonzo Ball. Who was having a tremendous season in Chicago until he got the injury after 35 games due to a knee injury. Of course, Ball was taken with the second overall selection in 2017 by Johnson’s favorite Lakers.

While Magic may be correct in that the Chicago Bulls need some adjustments, they do not need to be as radical as many imagine.

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