The Atlanta Hawks have been pushed to chase a $136 million free-agent All-Star scorer


The Atlanta Hawks have made it plain that they want to improve this summer as a team and individually. It includes ownership and management publicly discussing roster upgrades and dipping into the luxury tax. They’ve even spoken about finding another superstar to team alongside Trae Young.

When hypothetical transactions offer, things may get a little crazy, especially when the recommendations are more harmful than beneficial.

It isn’t always the case with free agency.
While individuals have strong feelings about signings, proposals aren’t as bizarre as some trade ideas.
That does not rule out the possibility of their reaching such levels occasionally.

One recommendation that the Hawks pursue Kyrie Irving falls under this category.

With Kyrie Irving, the Atlanta Hawks would boast one of the most offensively potent backcourts.

It comes from Carl Dukes of 92.9 The Game’s “Dukes and Bell,” who took owner Tony Ressler’s and general manager Travis Schlenk’s statements about the need to enhance the squad and said flatly that the Hawks needed a “difference-maker.”

“Let’s go grab Kyrie Irving.”
I’m looking for bucket-getters and scorers.
He’s a proven scorer and a reliable commodity.
Trae must learn to operate without the ball.
If we can get to that place, having another ball-handler on the floor would open up so many other possibilities on the court.”

Dukes then says that the Miami Heat’s ability to zero in on Trae in the playoffs would not have been feasible without Irving beside him.

While Irving would have offered another playmaker alongside Young, it did not help the Brooklyn Nets as the Boston Celtics swept them in the first round of the playoffs.

Irving scored 21.3 points on 58.8% accurate shooting in the series, a playoff career-best.

In his farewell interview, Irving said that he planned to stay in Brooklyn for the long term.
Why did he end up in Hawks, and how did he get there?

According to a story from Josh Kosman and Brian Lewis of the New York Post, Dukes’ partner, Mike Bell, supplied the information on the Nets losing $50-$100 million.

“They have certain players they need to sign.” They need to find out who Ben Simmons is. And he’s not inexpensive to add to your squad. Kyrie is on a player option, which will undoubtedly decline because to get paid. He wants to remain in Brooklyn. However, we’re not sure whether Brooklyn intends to keep him.”

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