Stephen A. Smith is about to receive the Chris Rock treatment.

Stephen A. Smith has gotten away with saying controversial things in the past, but he may not be so lucky this time, as Stephon Marbury thinks his day of reckoning is approaching.

Stephon Marbury vs Stephen A. Smith

Stephon Marbury and Stephen A. Smith don’t get along, and their hate shows in a lengthy discussion on Kyrie Irving. SAS chastised Irving for his anti-vaccine position, to which Stephon retaliated by calling SAS “Uncle Tom.”

Stephen Smith didn’t react, instead of bringing up a strange incident in 2009. Starbury live-streamed himself consuming massive quantities of vaseline while weeping in the video. Those who saw the bizarre situation had mixed feelings about it. Without understanding the background, the media had a field day with him.

Stephon was reportedly experiencing difficulties at the time and subsequently acknowledged being sad and suicidal. Marbury was dealing with several issues, including his father’s death in 2007. The nearing end of his career, and the disintegration of his “Starbury” footwear firm.

The second topic addresses whether consuming such a hefty dose of vaseline is safe. It’s OK as long as the product meets FDA guidelines for being safe for human consumption. Excessive ingestion, on the other hand, may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Returning to the tale, SAS slammed Kyrie once more, calling him crazy, prompting a retort from Marbury.

Stephen Smith’s day of reckoning, according to Marbury, is approaching.

With all of Stephen Smith’s provocative and potentially blasphemous words over his career. A Twitter user asked Stephon whether he thought SAS should treating like Chris Rock. We all know what happened during the Academy Awards. Will Smith smacked the comedian in the face for mocking his wife on national television. According to the former New York Knicks guard, it would come sooner rather than later.

Even if Marbury is just half-serious about this, Stephen Smith is still facing a public danger. It’s still terrible because he wishes Smith gets a physical beating. Even if it’s only a warning for Smith to keep his remarks in control. It will not help anybody if Black people attack Black people for expressing anything about Black people. It’s OK to trade insults on Twitter, but it’s not right to perpetrate violence or bodily damage.

Stephon Marbury is a talented player, but he has to be aware of the impact of his social media comments. Stephen A. Smith is in the same boat. He earns a profession talking about athletes. But he must be helpful in his message rather than destructive or demeaning to others.

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