Spurs Keita Bates-Diop was a Respectable Performer for the Spurs this Event, but He Lacked Upside


Keita Bates-Diop of the Spurs falls into the latter category. Some players are inconsistent yet produce enough spectacular plays to reimburse. And others quietly go about their business most nights without sticking out.

This past season, the 26-year-old forward didn’t impress anyone on either end. But his defense was solid, and he made up for his limited offensive skillset by being genius and hard-working. In insure ways, he resembled a Spurs player.

Should the team be offering minutes to players who don’t appear to have much potential as the squad strives to reinvent itself? Let’s check KBD’s performance to see if we can figure it out.

Spurs Characteristics, expected part, and statistics

After spending the 2020/21 season on a two-way deal with the Spurs. San Antonio Spurs Bates-Diop, a 26-year-old combo forward, received a guaranteed contract. Without the ball in his hands, he expected to provide depth at power forward and defend the large wings while also contributing on offense. NBA Spurs Bates-Diop found the mid-value of 5.7 places and 3.9 bounce back in 16.2 minutes per game in 59 games.

Review of the Season


Regardless of whether he was merely a depth player who wasn’t expecting to play a lot of minutes in the pivot. NBA Spurs Bates-Diop was under pressure to justify his presence on the team. After the Spurs waived former first-round pick Luka Samanic in favor of him.

Due to a lack of untapped talent, he would have to practically perfect his role for the decision to keep him on the team to make sense. He achieved this by being well aware of his talents and weaknesses. And never attempting to accomplish more than was necessary. 

San Antonio Spurs Bates-Diop isn’t a stopper. But he can slow down good offensive players and fill in for them at the team level as he did on Saturday. Defensive stats can be deceiving, but they show him to be at least an average player in that end. With the numbers indicating that the team was at its best while he was on the floor and at its worst when he was off.

The eye test results are substantially in agreement. KBD is a limited offensive player, but he understands it. According to Synergy Sports, he concluded the season with overall 18 possessions in the post, isolation, and as the pick-and-roll ball-handler, overall 183 in put-backs, transition, and cuts. The individual is aware of his abilities and limitations.

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