Sign-and-trade for Warriors’ Draymond Green the Mavs’ Missing Piece?

sign-and-trade for Draymond Green

NBA Updates PH – Nico Harrison, the general manager of the Dallas Mavericks, was serious when he said that defense and getting the ball back were the main goals of the summer. That was clear from what the Mavs did during Thursday’s NBA Draft when they picked up Dereck Lively II and OMax Prosper, two young, versatile guards. As part of their defensive strategy, the Mavs are now exploring the potential of a sign-and-trade for Draymond Green, which could further bolster their defensive capabilities.

But Harrison says that was just the beginning of something bigger, especially since free agency starts on June 30.

“I can’t allow myself to take a deep breath, pat ourselves on the back, and all that,” Harrison said. “No, it’s time to start. We’re not done at all … This is only the start.”

If the Mavs want to keep adding defense to their team, a sign-and-trade for Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors would be an excellent next step. The forward, who has been on the All-Defensive Team eight times, turned down his player option with Golden State. He is now 33 years old and can sign with any team he wants.

Draymond Green shot 52.7 percent from the field and scored 8.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game last season. As usual, he played great defense and was the ‘glue guy’ for the Warriors in that area. The Warriors lost in the second round of the playoffs a year after winning their fourth title in eight years. The Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James, emerged victorious over their opponents.

Does trading Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards for 38-year-old Chris Paul keep the Warriors’ title window open? Or was it a last-ditch effort to show Green that if he re-signs, he won’t have to deal with the guy he punched in training camp last year?

Also, Green’s friendship with Paul is only great if something big has happened in the last few years.

Green does get along well with Mavs star Luka Doncic, but Doncic might have to put on his selling hat to get Green to leave the only team he’s ever known. This is somewhere between a real chance and a pipe dream, but here’s what a sign-and-trade for Green could look like if the Mavs can get him to say “yes” in free agency.

Draymond Green (sign-and-trade, four-year, $100 million contract) was traded to the Mavericks.

Warriors acquire Josh Green (sign-and-trade, new contract worth $50 million over four years) and Maxi Kleber.


Draymond Green (sign-and-trade, four-year, $100 million contract) was traded to the Mavericks.

Warriors obtain Tim Hardaway Jr., Maxi Kleber, and a first-round selection in 2027.

As with most sign-and-trade deals, the first step is to find out what the star player wants. Green will re-sign with the Warriors if he wants to try to win a fifth title with an aging core. If he wants to join a new team with a younger core and prove that he’s not just riding on Stephen Curry’s coattails, the Dallas Mavericks will give him as good a chance as anyone else.

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Is Draymond Green a good fit for the Dallas Mavericks and their focus on defense?

Draymond Green is considered one of the best defensive players in the NBA, having been named to the All-Defensive Team eight times. His skills and experience would undoubtedly strengthen the Mavs’ defense. Green’s versatility in guarding multiple positions and providing leadership on the court makes him a valuable addition to the team’s defensive strategy.

What would a sign-and-trade for Draymond Green involve?

A sign-and-trade deal for Draymond Green would require the Mavs to negotiate a contract with Green while working out a trade agreement with the Golden State Warriors. The specifics of the trade would depend on the assets and players involved. The suggested scenarios in the article propose trading players like Jordan Poole, Josh Green, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Maxi Kleber, along with potential draft picks, to acquire Green.

How likely is it that Draymond Green will join the Mavericks?

While it is not explicitly mentioned in the article, the likelihood of Draymond Green joining the Mavericks depends on various factors, including his personal preferences and goals. If Green is interested in joining a new team with a younger core and the opportunity to prove himself outside of the Golden State Warriors’ system, the Mavericks could be an attractive option. However, it ultimately depends on Green’s decision during the free agency period and the negotiations between the involved teams.

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