Series preview: The Celtics face a potentially powerful underdog as the Nets advance from the play-in round

Series preview: The Celtics

Series preview: The Celtics big turnaround since the calendar switch has positioned them as the favorite, though the Nets could go on a scoring spree at any time.

It’s not surprising that the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets are meeting for the second year in a row in a 2-7 series. But it’s incredible how the roles have been reversed, with Boston being the higher seed and Brooklyn having to compete in the Play-In Tournament.

Series preview: The Celtics defied expectations and recovered from a shaky start. They were 20-21 at the midpoint of the season (tenth place, six games behind the runner-up Nets) and 25-25 after 50 games. However, from that point forward, they were the best team in the NBA by a wide margin, going 26-6, ranking first in both hostile and guarded proficiency, and outscoring rivals by an incredible 14.6 points per 100 possessions.

Nets didn’t live up to expectations after the start of 23-9. Due to vaccination, Kyrie Irving was limited to 29 games and Kevin Durant was injured and missed 27 games. Joe Harris lost in the November season and James Harden wasn’t in the best condition before moving to Philadelphia.

However, facing Brooklyn is hardly a reward for finishing second in the conference. The Nets are as dangerous a low speed as you’ll ever see, boasting two of the world’s most potent scorers. And, perhaps, Ben Simmons will make his Brooklyn debut at some point during this series.

Three things to watch

1-on-1 or 4-on-3?

The Celtics switch a bigger number of screens than any group in the association, and an exchanging plan can level out contradicting offenses and power them to play one-on-one. Yet, no group is happier with playing one-on-one than the Nets; Durant and Irving are two of the five players who scored better compared to a point for each belonging on something like five disconnection assets for every game, as per Synergy following. Indeed, even without Robert Williams III (knee medical procedure). The Celtics have no genuine cautious flimsy points in their main seven people, however, dialing back Durant or Irving is difficult for any protector and there will be times when Boston carries two to the ball.

Then, at that point, it’s a question of the Nets’ executing in four-on-three circumstances and the Nets’ job players (Bruce Brown specifically) making shots against a group that turns and recuperates as well as any protection in the association.

How long could the Nets at any point wait?

This season, Brooklyn positioned twentieth in protection, a slight improvement over the year before. Also, after completing the normal season with a 12-5 record. The Nets were positioned eighth on that finish of the floor. In any case, even in their most significant games, their protective exertion has varied. While playing a group like Cleveland, the Nets can pull off just 18-24 minutes of good protection. Notwithstanding, Boston is a considerably more troublesome rival, with more players who can deal with the ball and assault the container. This season, no Eastern Conference group scored more productively against Brooklyn than the Celtics, who found the middle value of 121.6 focuses per 100 belongings while winning three of four gatherings.

The minutes are on. The minutes off.

The Nets have been playing significant games for half a month at this point, and they’ve been inclining vigorously on Durant, who’s found the middle value of 41.3 minutes over their last nine games (remembering the Play-For), playing the whole final part multiple times over that stretch. In the normal season, the Nets were 12.0 focuses per 100 belongings better with Durant on the floor (in addition to 6.5) than they were with him off the floor (less 5.5);

There’s a motivation behind why Steve Nash doesn’t allow him to sit long (if by any means) at the beginning of the second and fourth quarters. One of the nine players with a greater on-off differential than Durant was Jayson Tatum, with the Celtics 14.0 focuses per 100 belongings better with their All-Star on the floor (in addition to 12.0) than they were with him off the floor (short 1.9). Seat minutes will be key for the two groups, and the Nets should trust that Durant (expecting he plays 42-44 minutes per night) doesn’t run running on empty before the finish of a long series.

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The number to know

62-20 — Series preview: The Celtics completed a three-manner tie for runner-up in the Eastern Conference, two games behind the primary spot Miami Heat. They did, notwithstanding, have by a long shot the best point differential in the East (in addition to 7.3 focuses per game) and the association’s biggest differential between a group’s “normal successes” (in light of point differential) and its real wins. The Celtics completed 51-31, with a point differential of 62-20.

The positive thing is that the Celtics were by far the best group in the east. They have at least 18 out of 20 wins (along with group lead Memphis Grizzlies). The downside is that I had a hard time with tight games, with 13-22 (only Indiana Pacers worsened) in games within 5. Now the point. Jayson Tatum shot 2 to 25 with a hold 3 pointer (the most horrifying push off of the 74 players trying everywhere at 15), and Marcus Smart hit 5 to 17 (29%) on hold 2. I shot it. In the 26 years of getting grip information, the Celtics had the third biggest difference between non-grip game win rates (38-9, .809) and grip game win rates (13-22, .371).

The Nets were 22-20 in grip games, however Boston won the main no holds barred matchup in which the score was inside five focuses in the last five minutes (March 6), scoring 13 focuses on nine grasp assets.

The pick

Series preview: The Celtics – Durant will be the most excellent player on the court, and the Celtics will battle to contain him at times. Taking after the All-Star break, the Nets illustrated his capacity to win in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Miami, vanquishing any bunch in any field. Long-distance connections, on the other hand, have been troublesome to set, up and the Celtics have simply been a great group over the last seven weeks. Tatum could be a genuine bargain, and Boston includes a long history of ensuring Brooklyn is way better than Brooklyn needs to ensure itself.

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