Scottie Barnes Talks About Facing LeBron James and Getting a Ball Whipped at Him

Scottie Barnes

Scottie Barnes of the Toronto Raptors had the last laugh after. LeBron James tossed a ball at him during Monday night’s victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Scottie Barnes was powerless to intervene.

This has been by far the most perplexing period of LeBron James’ legendary career, and he vented his frustrations on. Toronto Raptors tenderfoot sensation Scottie Barnes on Monday night.

Barnes, on the other hand, had the last laugh. He started the night by going right at James, nailing a floater over the. 37-year-old forward on his way to a. 21-point performance that clearly irritated James.

“Of course, as a young player coming in, getting to play with him is always like a hype game,” Barnes said. “I’d say it was a big game out there against him, and we did what we needed to do.”

Since James joined the Lakers, Toronto has had a 6-0 record against him. It’s an impressive feat considering what James once did to the. Raptors, but it’ll take a lot more wins for Toronto to catch up.

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LeBron James throws the ball at Raptors rookie Scottie Barnes, who is unguarded.

James, who is still playing at an. All-NBA level despite the Lakers’ dreadful. 29-39 record, became irritated as the Raptors ran away with the game from the start, exploding to a. 19-2 lead and never looking back.

During the second from last quarter, James forcefully whipped the stone off. Barnes was at that point on the ground in a fearless endeavor to corral the free ball. The play is referred to is as per the following:

Was this a dirty play by James? Who was suspended earlier this season for elbowing? Detroit Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart, or a normal basketball play? We’ll let you decide, but the Raptors’ vocal fan base has already spoken out on Twitter.

Barnes, all things considered, seemed determined. The 20-year-old got off to a hot beginning, hitting his initial five shots, and completed the game with 21 places, nine bounce back, five bits of help, and two squares shortly. Now in the season. Barnes is competing for Rookie of the Year praises with. Cleveland Cavaliers forward Evan Mobley is a significant motivation behind why the Raptors could stay away from the play-in competition.

Scottie Barnes: Even so, seeing LeBron James throw a ball at you during your rookie year must have been jarring. LeBron made his. NBA debut when. Barnes was only two years old. If only for the sheer hilarity of the. GOAT losing his cool on a random Monday night.

He’d gone all out for a free ball, endeavoring to recuperate a missed floater, when LeBron James wrestled him to the ground. He looked into now, vulnerable as James gave him his Welcome to the NBA second. With his sights set on Barnes, the 18-time NBA All-Star positioned the ball back.

“I was on the floor because he pushed me there, and then I saw him loading up, and I just thought, ‘Oh man.’ That’s why I just tried to cover myself, so it didn’t hit me in the face.” He threw it with a lot of force, cocked it back, and threw it. “I was like, damn,” Barnes said after the game to reporters.

Perhaps this is the pinnacle of flattery. LeBron has seen it all, and Barnes’ ability to leave an impression on the King bodes well for his seemingly limitless future.

“I just saw him loading up and thought, ‘Oh man,'” Barnes said. “So I just tried to cover myself, in case he hit me in the face because, yeah, he put a lot of power into it. Cocked back and threw it. I was like, ‘damn,'” she says.

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Was it dirty for LeBron James to spit the ball at Scottie Barnes?

Scottie Barnes and the Toronto Raptors defeated LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in a thrilling game. Toronto led 21-2 and 30-6 in the first quarter, providing more than enough cushion to hold off a late comeback by LA and win comfortably.

Barnes was one of the show’s standouts, scoring 15 points in the first quarter and finishing with 21 points on the night. He probably could’ve had more, but Toronto seemed to let up late in the game. This game did little to secure Frank Vogel’s job.

As James and the Lakers attempted to, make a run, LeBron executed a move that very few Raptors fans will defend. While, fading out of bounds, James attempt to deflect the ball off of Barnes. The only issue is that he seemed to pelt the ball as hard as he could at Barnes’ face.

The only way to find out if James was acting maliciously is if he comes out and says it, which is unlikely. While no one was hurt as a result of this play, it does not bode well. LeBron or the Lakers. You get to be the judge. Was this an out-of-bounds play for James?

The best way to see whether. James was acting malignantly as if he comes out and says it, which is far-fetched. While nobody was harmed because of this play, it doesn’t look good. LeBron or the Lakers. You become the appointed authority. Was this a too far outplay for James?

Barnes, for his part, stated that he simply tried to cover his face when he saw James preparing to throw the ball. LeBron for this play. However, if that ball had been a few inches to the left and hit Barnes in the head, the outcome might have been different.

For the Lakers, this has been the most frustrating season imaginable. Russell Westbrook has been a disappointment, Anthony Davis has been injured on a regular basis, and the bench has been forced to rely on players like Weynen Gabriel and DJ Augustin to fill in.

Tossing the ball at a fringe vulnerable player at that speed, in any case, won’t win him any additional regard from an establishment and fanbase that have been singed unreasonably and ordinarily by LeBron all throughout his profession. To say the least, this was not the ideal look.

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