San Antonio is Concerned about the Spurs’ Plans to Play Two Home Games in Austin, Texas, this Season

San Antonio

As county commissioner Justin Rodriguez put it, “our pals up I-35 in Austin”. Amplifies the Spurs’ fear of leaving San Antonio. Leaders in Bexar County voiced alarm over the Spurs’ proposal to play two home games in Austin next year. Despite promises that the team will remain in San Antonio next year.

After a close decision on Tuesday, commissioners decided to go forward in discussions with the Spurs. Bexar County sought an agreement to play home games elsewhere from AT&T Center. “Not a good indication,” County Judge Nelson Wolff remarked of the court’s 3-2 decision. He told Spurs attorney Bobby Perez, “It indicates there’s a difference in this community as to the objective of the Spurs.” A lot of people are wondering.

The existing agreement between the San Antonio Spurs and Bexar County

Contract with Bexar County, which possesses the AT&T Center. Allows for two home games each year outside the AT&T Center grounds. Despite this, Perez claims the clause is ambiguous. He said the team hadn’t used its authority to transfer games. Because it’s worried about triggering a $130 million penalty for “relocation” violation of a contract. Only as a visiting team has the Spurs played in Mexico.

For clarity, to request an expansion of the contract from a maximum of two to four games, the franchise requested. The Alamodome and Mexico will host games next season, according to Perez. According to Jeff DiPietro, co-owner of the San Antonio sports memorabilia company Sports Cards Plus. Many companies are attract to Austin because of its location. Many fans feel as though they are being taken advantage of, particularly by us.

His last words were, “But I believe it’s like we’re sharing some of our identities.” There is nothing wrong with it,” he responds. When asked whether playing in the capital area may help the team grow its regional fan base. DiPietro and Perez said “yes.” A large following exists throughout Europe and South America for the Spurs.

Perez said

Many people in his district are worry about what Commissioner Tommy Calvert warned Perez: that the Spurs may be “testing the waters” for a transfer to Austin. Perez told the court, “It’s not about playing in Austin.” “From Mexico to Austin, we have to establish that brand.” San Antonio is the team’s home. And Perez hopes that new fans in the capital area will purchase tickets to see them play. To promote this behavior, he proposed that franchise directors adapt ticket packages to fit the needs of their franchisees.

Commissioner Justin Rodriguez told Perez, “I believe you’ve picked up on a lot of the tension is constantly around, ‘Are the NBA Spurs remaining in San Antonio?'” “That anxiety is multiply when you bring our friends in Austin up I-35.”

Census statistics show that Austin is the fastest-growing metropolitan region in the United States, whereas San Antonio’s inhabitants have long enjoyed a friendly rivalry.

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