Rodriguez Reveals that the Spurs will be Allowed to Play Four Home Games


Rodriguez next year, the San Antonio Spurs will play home games in Mexico City, Austin, Monterrey, and the Alamodome. With just enough permission from Bexar County commissioners.

Preliminary clearance for the Spurs. Playing four home games outside the AT&T Center. In the 2022-2023 season was passed 3-2 by the county commissioners. After first requesting a two-year contract. County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez replied with a one-year pact. To which the Spurs representative agreed.

Some fans and residents of San Antonio were concerned about the future of the Spurs. After the vote’s conclusion.

He spoke with the San Antonio Sports Stars 

As Rodriguez put it, “the way, they [the Spurs] portrayed it, to extend their fan base.” As a result, “they’re hoping they can sell to their Mexican fan base in Mexico City. And Monterrey and their Austin corridor fan base along the I-35 road.”

According to Rodriguez, who offered a one-year trial run. To see what the Spurs want to do. Nothing in stone about the Spurs. Playing at Austin’s new Moody Center, and the details are talking.

The Spurs, he said, have reaffirmed their commitment to San Antonio. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved, according to Rodriguez.

“Additionally, we obtained a full-throated pledge from the Spurs that they want to remain in San Antonio. San Antonio’s success depends on boosting the city’s fan base. May attract a variety of season ticket holders and investors, “Rodriguez commented.

Rodriguez said

For Rodriguez, they’re optimistic that they’ll be returning in two weeks. With the particular parameters. And the guidance provided to employees and their attorneys. “The Rock” sports facility (being developed today) is a significant investment. And he has gotten guarantees from club employees. That he will be here for many years to come, he said.

According to Rodriguez, “all of these factors lead, in my opinion, to supporting what their commitment is. “That is where they call home, San Antonio. We wish to see the Spurs stay in San Antonio. In addition, for another 50 years.” Moreover, because of the present ties between the Spurs and Austin. Including ownership, fans and the city may be wary of Rodriguez’s plans for Austin. As a potential NBA hotbed, and for a good reason.

Rodriguez said, “I understand it.” “The Spurs’ recent infatuation with Austin has a lot to do with their unease, in my opinion. Do my alarms sound? Absolutely.” Rodriguez made the following statement. On the other hand, “the Spurs are, of course, based in San Antonio. But it’s important to remember that Austin. A thriving city along I-35, is just 80 miles away. And a portion of the team’s ownership is based there as well. The truth is, we already know this. In addition on paper, the Spurs will remain in San Antonio until at least 2032.”

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