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Chris Russo’s’shut up and play’ words, according to Draymond Green, had a ‘racial connotation’

'racial connotation'

Racial connotation: Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green responded to Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s statement that America was weary of Green and that he should “shut up and play.”

Russo made the remarks on OKBET‘s “First Take” this week as part of a conversation about how Green has handled himself throughout his career.

Former player and current commentator JJ Redick took issue with Russo’s remarks, saying, “People on FOX News speak about players in this manner. That is my problem.”

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Green did not hesitate to respond to the remarks on his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show.”

“He went on TV yesterday and said, ‘America is wary of Draymond Green.’ “He then says, ‘Shut up and play,’ Green said. “I’m not one to often play the race card because I believe we all understand the importance of race in our society. But it had a racial connotation.”

“Those days shut up and play, “shut up and dribble,’ are long gone,” Green remarked. “We don’t listen to it anymore, and we don’t want to hear it. It is not welcome here and will not be allowed.”

Green, a four-time NBA All-Star, went on to add that individuals who haven’t played the game, like Russo, will start to tune out.

“You will no longer be. Permitted to sit there and say anything you want, to spread these false narratives. To not know what you’re talking about. And we will listen to you,” Green added. “Those days are long. Passed. Do you understand why? Because we have individuals like JJ Redick who have done it. Speak it, know how to talk on any issue, and aren’t. Scared to shut a fool up.”

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