Kristaps Porzingis will miss the FIBA World Cup due to an injury, but is expected to be fit for training camp

Kristaps Porzingis will miss the FIBA World Cup due to an injury

NBA Updates PH – Kristaps Porzingis announced via social media on Tuesday that he will not play for his native Latvia in the 2023 FIBA World Cup later this month. Porzingis, who was traded to the Boston Celtics this offseason, has not been approved to play due to plantar fasciitis. 

The statement made by Porzingis (translated)

“It is difficult, I feel very responsible to myself and the supporters of the Latvian national team, but a decision has been made that I will not play in the World Cup. “

“After several weeks of recovery and a repeat MRI examination, the plantar fasciitis of my foot still prevents me from being on the field in full readiness. “

“This joint decision has been made by both the medical staff and coaching staff of the national team, as well as the Celtics team – with the advice and opinion that it is now necessary to continue the recovery process. “

“Such a decision is not easy to make, but I promise that I will be there and support the team as much as I can.”

Porzingis in Celtics Training camp

Initial allegations of Porzingis’ injury circulated earlier this month, but the Latvian Basketball Association emphatically disputed them in a social media post on Aug. 10. What transpired in the previous few days is unknown, but based on the injuries and the timeframe, it is likely that Porzingis, 28, has been handling the situation for some time and that a final decision was not reached until Tuesday. 

He should be ready for Celtics training camp.

The loss of Porzingis is a big blow to Latvia’s chances at their first World Cup. He is by far their best player. He and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Davis Bertans are the only two NBA players on the team right now. Group H now has Canada, France, and Lebanon, as well as Latvia. From August 25 to 29, they will play their first-stage games. To move on, they will need to finish in the top two. 

Plantar fasciitis makes it hard to know exactly when Porzingis will be able to play again, but with 10 weeks until the start of the NBA season, he should be ready to play on opening night. Still, the Boston Celtics probably didn’t want to hear this after trading for him in a huge deal this summer. Porzingis has always been good, but his ability to stay fit has been questioned. 

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