New Orleans vs. Phoenix: Whoever wins, the defense will be better than the offense

the defense will be better

The defense will be better: Phoenix has a difficult series against New Orleans. One of the season’s early favorites has already dropped two games against the Pelicans. Can the Suns escape a third straight defeat? We have a few options for betting.

Outside of Golden State, Steve Kerr’s coaching school has begun to pay off. Willie Green, a former Warriors assistant coach, guided New Orleans to the playoffs in his first season as head coach, and the team did well in the first round against the top seed in the Western Conference. Yes, the Pelicans won two of their five games, thanks in part to an injury to the Suns’ leading scorer, Devin Booker. Is this, however, a concern for the Pelicans?

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Whatever the Suns’ troubles against the Pelicans are, Monty Williams’ team still leads 3-2 and has a chance to win the game as soon as the sixth game. Furthermore, delaying the encounter may benefit the Suns in the long term. Devin Booker will not play against New Orleans, but he may be able to return in the next series. In that regard, the later Phoenix’s series in the second round, the better for the squad.

In close basketball games and beyond, defense is virtually always at the forefront. The future game will be no different. Willie Green’s defensive numbers for the Pelicans, as well as Monty Williams and Chris Paul’s for the Suns, have been consistently shown. Whoever wins the sixth game in this series will almost certainly win the tiebreaker.

  • Total Under 214.5 for 1.83;
  • Each team will score Total Under 112.5 for 1.90;
  • Total 204 – 223 for 2.25.

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