Why is it so Difficult to Find an NBA Draft Pick Ideal for the NBA Rockets and a Good Fit?

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Once again, amateur draft analysts (such as me) are ramping up trade discussion and analyzing the best players available for selection in the first round. For the second year in a row, the NBA Rockets had the lowest record in the NBA Rockets, making them part of this club.

When discussing the draft, the expressions “best player available” and “best fit” are prevalent. Some people, particularly on NBA Rockets Twitter, now use “best fit” as a cuss word. Some contend that this is an illustration of settling for a guy who may not be the most significant selection choice. Rebuilding a team necessitates selecting the best players and worrying about how they will fit in after the squad succeeds.

Some argue that the best fit is simply the best player available, while others like myself argue it can be the same thing. Along these lines, you might be thinking about how those two statements may be identical. On the other hand, Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun have brought them together in this predicament.

NBA Rockets: Every other player must revolve around Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun

Jalen Green wasn’t selected that high as a second or third option in last year’s draft. As the team’s go-to guy, Green select ahead of the competition. As a result, the team’s design centers around Green. Choosing the best player available in last year’s draft was a no-brainer. You were starting from scratch, and this was the initial piece of that puzzle.

Now that you have the establishment set up, you’ll need guys who can both assist Green offensively and defend him. To contact Green out of the paint, you need guys who can spread the floor and rebound hard and big men who can efficiently run a pick and roll.

Even though Paulo Banchero has spoken about as the most outstanding player available. Chet Holmgren should only consider if you’re looking for a fit. With Green and Sengun, Holmgren’s talents will be more shown than if you bring in a guy like Banchero, who has a lot of similarities to Sengun’s strengths. That is where Holmgren comes in as the best player available. Banchero is an excellent passer. However, Sengun already provides many of the same attributes.

This choice must take into account Sengun as well

Sengun does a lot of his work from the mid-post to the hoop. Though he is a strong passer from around the floor, his weaknesses are rim protection and shooting from long distances. Sengun, a 19-year-old rookie, has been the subject of much discussion this season, and appropriately so.

Reiterating, they are the NBA Rockets’ best options at the moment. Even if Orlando doesn’t have a Sengun or Jalen Green, Banchero can still put up impressive statistics for the Magic. In a new capacity, Banchero would not be able to provide the same results for the NBA Rockets.

A team in rebuilding mode must ensure that all of its parts are in place before it can hope to compete at a higher level and win more games. Make sure your franchise athlete is cheered up by teammates who can help him improve. This year’s draft is all about fit, and the best player available to the NBA Rockets is the one that fits nicely alongside Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun.

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