November 25, 2022
NBA point


Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving did not respond as most fans anticipated when they were up against the divider. They dropped the ball and underperformed in a 109-103 loss to Boston, despite having to win Game 3.

On Twitter, incredible watch Enchantment Johnson dropped his take on the state of the twosome, freely addressing on the off chance that they’re a good coordinate.

The arrangement isn’t over, however, no one has confidence in a comeback with the way KD and Kyrie are playing.

Since joining the Nets in 2019, Durant and Kyrie have had a stunning lack of success.

Durant was out for that, to begin with, the season. They were out of Circular 2 last year and are on the verge of getting clearing the uncommonly. To start with, circular by an active and moderately unpracticed Boston team.

“I think they’ll win the play-in, and with Kyrie and Kevin Durant, I’m not worrying about that.” They’ll beat the Hornets or whatever the number one seed is. NBA point: I believe you can earn a considerable record by being in Miami and playing the Brooklyn Nets. Listen, they (Brooklyn Nets) can win a series in a short series or a seven-game series with Kyrie and Kevin Durant. “However, they have a chance to win a series or two,” Magic remarked.

It’s a reality that no one saw coming except for Magic, of course. Magic revealed his doubt about the Nets’ ability to win NBA point championship in early April. Even Magic couldn’t have predicted how awful things would get for the Nets.

With James Harden and Ben Simmons out. It’s up to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to finish the season on a high note. With the Nets already down 3-0 and little to play for. They’ll have to find their drive to fight back in game four and prevent more humiliation.

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