Predicting the Biggest Buyers in NBA Free Agency in 2022

NBA free agency

Like location in the real-estate world, timing is everything in NBA free agency.

A summer bristling with both difference-making free agents and gobs of cap space is basketball’s version of an oceanfront estate.

The 2022 offseason, on the other hand, is more akin to a dilapidated structure in need of repair. The right buyer with the right vision may get a lot out of it, but good luck getting the market to explode.

Only five clubs are expected to have cap space this summer, while more may be able to generate it via financial maneuvering. Even if that occurs, the number of consumers with large sums of money to spend will be limited, which is probably for the best, given that even the top free agents—Zach LaVine.

All of that being said, significant players will change jerseys this summer, and a handful of them have the potential to change the basketball landscape. Let’s focus on the possible (relatively) large customers in the NBA free agency.

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Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons’ Cade Cunningham became one of 21 players to average at least 17 points, five assists and five rebounds. He’s one of six players under the age of 25 to do so, and it puts pressure on the team’s front office to find him a co-star. General manager Troy Weaver: “We’re building the right way, and we have a chance this summer to be aggressive in some other areas”. The Pistons could start seeing dividends from that expenditure as soon as next season.

Indiana Pacers

Domantas Sabonis was moved by the Indiana Pacers during the trade deadline. Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield were acquired from the Sacramento Kings by the Pacers. Whether or not Indy trades Malcolm Brogdon, the team’s backcourt is in terrific condition. Miles Bridges might be a blessing in disguise for the Circle City.

New York Knicks

In this market, Brunson might be the best free agent who has a realistic chance of signing elsewhere. He’s averaging 28.6 points on 47.7 percent shooting and 4.6 assists through five playoff games.

Portland Trail Blazers

Portland’s post-All-Star performance was “tankers” at its best and worst. The Trail Blazers played 23 games and lost 21 of them during that time. The Blazers can build around Damian Lillard this summer if they want to. They might have approximately $30 million in cap room to pursue almost anybody.

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San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio’s franchise-record cold spell is now in its third year. The Spurs have assembled a solid, young core with Dejounte Murray, plus Keldon Johnson, Devin Vassell, Jakob Poeltl and Joshua Primo. But it’s not a group that can make major noise in the star-studded Western Conference. With a productive offseason, San Antonio could give it a fighting chance.

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