NBA Clippers’ Reggie Jackson’s Redemption Tour is Starting

NBA Clippers

As a comparison, NBA Clippers Reggie Jackson’s career scoring averages seem to be among his finest. Second just to his most memorable season with the Pistons, when he averaged 18.8 points per game. He arrived at the midpoint of 16.8 focuses per game in his first 27 games after being moved from Oklahoma City at the 2015 exchange cutoff time. Kawhi Leonard’s injury and Paul George’s absence in Los Angeles in 2021-22 necessitated. An enormous part of the hostile burden in 2021-22. Reggie Jackson’s huge stats resulted from the nights when he looked like a legitimate great guard.

Even in a season full of ups and downs, which Jackson was no stranger to, those evenings may be brief. He had a three-point shooting percentage of 39-33-85. With the first two percentages holding much more weight than his free-throw shooting prowess. And shot the ball this badly from the field three points since his rookie season in 2011 before this season. He averaged 16.4 shots per game this season, with 6.8 coming from beyond the arc, which he had never before reached. A move to Brooklyn isn’t out of the question for Jackson; he could start alongside Seth Curry and put up as many shots as he did last season with the Lakers.

Should the NBA Clippers expect him back?

That’s what you’d expect. After a two-year, $21.5 million guaranteed contract with the NBA Clippers. He has one last year to show he can play starter-quality minutes and produce starter-quality stats in the final year of the deal. Although playing point guard wasn’t precisely in the plans for him because of his penchant to desire to score. He did just that last season. If all that works out true to form and every team member is healthy and able to play more than 35 games. The NBA Clippers might challenge for the title next season.

Meanwhile, Jackson, who is already ten years into his career and will soon need to choose whether or not. To play until the “ifs” sort themselves out, has enough doubts about giving him pause. He could sign an extension, and then the “ifs” would no longer become “whens” if he did so. Jackson would have to force a deal to reach the promised land or be easy prey. Despite his lack of efficiency, he can still provide you with 15-20 points every night just by getting out of bed (even if that’s partly due to how often he makes shots).

That means that at least until next season, Jackson should be a NBA Clippers. On the other hand, fake transactions are sure to take off this summer. According to Bleacher Report’s Greg Schwartz, a deal for Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers. “An assortment of starters and job players (a bundle of Norman Powell, Reggie Jackson, and Luke Kennard would bring in the cash work) to position next to Durant” is what he had in mind.

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