NBA All-Star Game 2022, Results and highlights: Curry managed to score 50 points and LeBron James dagger seals Team Durant’s championship.

NBA All-Star Game 2022

NBA All-Star Game 2022: What a terrific tournament!

Team LeBron won the 71st All-Star matchup, eliminating Team Durant 163-160, thanks to a matchup-winning shot by none other than LeBron James, who finished the night with 24 points.

While James was the game-winner, it was Stephen Curry’s night for the most part, with the Warriors star claiming MVP honors after scoring 50 points on a scorching 16-of-27 3-point shooting performance.

With 36 points, Joel Embiid coached Team Durant, followed by Devin Booker (20) and LaMelo Ball (18).

If you were let down by the dunk contest on Saturday night the All-Star tournament on Sunday more than made up for it. Stephen Curry set an All-Star tournament record with 16 3-pointers on route to 50 points, earning the inaugural Kobe Bryant All-Star tournament MVP award as Team LeBron edged Team Durant 163-160 in a chaotic Elam Ending finish, thanks to a LeBron James walk-off jumper.

NBA All-Star Game 2022: Three major takeaways from a fantastic night in Cleveland are listed below.

NBA All-Star Game 2022


Group LeBron protects Stephen Curry (30) as he holds the Kobe Bryant Trophy after the 2022 NBA All-Star Diversion at Rocket Contract FieldHouse on February 20, 2022. Kyle Terada-USA Today Sports is required to provide credit.

1. Steph goes all out.

Even in a game where no one was playing a lick of defense for the first three quarters. Seeing Curry get as hot as he did was nothing short of thrilling. As stated previously, the man received 16 — sixteen! — 3-pointers, shattering Paul George’s old record of nine (2016).

If you recalculated the distances on these shots, you’d wind up near Akron, Ohio, where Curry and LeBron both grew up. Curry isn’t popular in Cleveland. Since he won three championships at the Cavs’ cost, no one can deny the adrenaline rush of seeing him go crazy. NBA All-Star Game 2022: Curry isn’t known for being at his best in All-Star games, and he’s had a difficult shooting season thus far. But he was on fire from the start on Sunday.

“Steph, I mean, come on, man. Then again, This person is from another planet,” LeBron James said after the game. “He is a real sense has a programmed sharpshooter associated with his arm, and when he gives up, everybody on the floor, in the stands, on TV, on their telephones, anything that you’re watching on, you believe it’s going in like clockwork, and it completes the vast majority of the time, now and then multiple times out of ten.”

2. LeBron brings forth his inner Jordan.
Isn’t that a shot we’ve seen before? That reminds me a lot of Michael Jordan. For instance, That didn’t go unnoticed by LeBron, who spoke at length after the game. Jordan’s influence on him as a young kid and then as an NBA player.

3. The people owe Ja Morant.
I can’t believe I’m going to bring up Saturday night’s horrible dunk contest again after swearing I’d never bring it up again. But wow, that thing sucked. Is the NBA’s only chance to make up for it next season? Make sure Ja Morant is entered!

I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a dunker with such a unique blend of vertical explosion, effortless athleticism, and overwhelming finishing force. However, I think of Derrick Rose in his heyday, but I believe Morant is much better.

After nearly banging the back of his head on the rim, he threw down a reverse alley-oop.

Then, thanks to a 40-foot lob from Trae Young, he completed a 360 alley-oop.

To conclude, Both of those dunks are likely to win the event on Saturday night. NBA All-Star Game 2022:They were also playing a game. Give this man a clear runway and some time to think out his contest dunks, and he’ll transport us back to the glory days. LaVine-Gordon/Jordan-Dominique/Vince Carter.

NBA All-Star Game 2022: Results and highlights from the NBA All-Star Game 2022: In case you missed any of the activities from the 71st NBA All-Star Game. Our Athletic Sports News has you secured with live overhauls, scores, as well as the most excellent highlights.

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The greatest moments from Sunday’s All-Star Game are listed here.

Warriors in the game.

Before the All-Star Game, participants of the. NBA’s 75th-anniversary team met for a team portrait, giving icons from the past the chance to meet with contemporary NBA superstars.

The number of 12 is increasing.

Morant had the first significant highlight of the night when the game eventually started, catching a reverse alley-oop to get the crowd on their feet.

Finals rewind… and preview?

Last season, Antetokounmpo and Booker squared off in the. NBA Finals and they will do it again in the All-Star Game. It could be a look into the future with the two trading buckets.

A fleeting appearance

NBA All-Star Game 2022: Chris Paul, the point guard for the Phoenix Suns, made a brief appearance in the first quarter of the. All-Star Game before exiting.

In addition, the point guard for the Phoenix Suns made a brief appearance in the first quarter of the All-Star Game before exiting.

Hero of his hometown

Darius Garland, a first-time All-Star, was representing the host. Cleveland Cavaliers, and he demonstrated why he was chosen for the game with a long jumper.

Keep an eye on your surroundings.

Is it possible that Morant doesn’t have wings?

It’s still hot.

NBA All-Star Game 2022: Curry made eight three-pointers in the first half and five more in the third quarter to set a new one. All-Star Game record for most three-pointers made.

But he wasn’t finished yet. He just continued to take them and drill them as if they were a drill.

In the fourth quarter, he surpassed the 50-point mark!

Curry, who was playing for Team LeBron, broke Paul George’s previous All-Star record of 9 three-pointers set in 2016.

Despite falling two points short of Anthony Davis’s scoring record set in 2017.

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