Max Strus of the Miami Heat realizes he has to be more aggressive

Max Strus

Max Strus had other ideas.

Duncan Robinson expects to snap the Miami Heat’s two-game losing streak against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5.

He had 19 points, ten rebounds, and one assist. Some questioned whether Robinson should replace Max Strus in the rotation since he hadn’t scored in double digits this series.

Max Strus made seven of thirteen shots from the field, including four three-pointers. The Heat have shot just 21% from outside the arc in their last two games. They rediscovered their touch on Tuesday, hitting 39% of their shots.

It was just a question of being more aggressive for Max Strus.

“After studying the tape from the prior two games, I knew I had to be more aggressive,” Max Strus remarked. “In Philly, I had open looks, but I wasn’t shooting them.” That, I believe, was the key for me tonight. Be aggressive and ready to fire. It makes no contrast difference whether you succeed or come up short. If I catch a glance, I strive to seize it and make the most of it. That was how I felt tonight. The group was affected once the first went down. It opens up everything else for everyone else if you make shots.”

Max Strus’ also matched his previous playoff career-best in rebounds. His significance grew as he produced in numerous areas.

Jimmy Butler stated, “You don’t have to teach Max Strus to shoot the ball.” “He understands his job and his position on the club. He understands his place in the club and the league. Shooters will miss shots. He created them tonight. He’ll take the same shots he did in the next game and make them as well. In addition, he was the major reason we stopped more than anything else. He was rebounding the basketball in the spaces. That was his first double-double, he said. That was beneficial to him.”

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