Marvin Bagley III Must Return To Detroit

Marvin Bagley

OKBET: Marvin Bagley III has discovered a new lease on life in Detroit, and he must play a role in the city’s destiny.

Marvin Bagley III landed in Detroit right before the trade deadline, and Troy Weaver’s decision quickly seemed wise. In 18 games with the Pistons, the 23-year-old former second-round selection averaged 14.6 points and 6.8 rebounds.

It seemed to have a natural collaboration with Detroit’s young guards, Cade Cunningham and Killian Hayes. Bagley established himself as a lob threat right on. Demonstrating that he can score in various ways, whether playing with starters or backups.

Marvin Bagley feels that he should be a part of the rebuilding of Detroit, but there are a lot of moving factors and unknowns. He’s a restricted free agent who made a little money while playing for the Pistons in 18 games. He has plenty of time to flourish and attain his most significant potential since he is still young.

Because he was often inconsistent with the Sacramento Kings, he won’t be able to pursue a deal costing tens of millions of dollars. But based on what we’ve seen, he’s worth retaining in Detroit. The Athletic’s James L. Edwards III recently revealed that Marvin Bagley and the Pistons have mutual interest and that his return seems to be the most probable conclusion.

“Per sources, the Pistons want to sign Bagley to a multiyear deal,” Edwards said. “They don’t just want him locked up for a season. A three-year deal is what Detroit like to get done.”

Marvin Bagley would benefit from a three-year contract. Detroit may sign him for roughly $20 million. And perhaps include a player or team option for the contract’s third year.

Bagley would still be a young player, but he wouldn’t be dead weight if his injury or consistency concerns emerge. Three years with an option is decent since Bagley would still be a young player. But he wouldn’t be dead weight if his injury or consistency issues resurface. If it works out, if both sides are interesting, Detroit and Marvin Bagley may review the deal in only two seasons.

There’s a risk that other clubs may get involved and push up the price. But based on what Marvin Bagley has stated about Detroit, it makes the most sense for him to play in the Motor City.

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