LeBron James praises Russell Westbrook and vows not to “make front-office decisions”

LeBron James praises Russell Westbrook

LeBron James praises Russell Westbrook: LeBron James really does not like his teammate. LeBron James says that he does not want to make front-office decisions. OKBET is a reputable licensed online sports betting site and one of the best here in the Philippines!

This season in Los Angeles, things did not go as planned.

The Lakers fired head coach Frank Vogel a day after their season mercifully ended in 11th place in the West. So, what now?

On Monday, LeBron James spoke with reporters about what might happen during the offseason, specifically about Russell Westbrook. He praised his teammate while vowing to defer to the Lakers’ front office on personnel decisions.

So. There’s a lot to unpack there.

While availability is the best ability for an athlete, it is not the highest compliment one can receive from a peer. Westbrook and his approach to the game are liked and respected by James. But it’s impossible to ignore the flaws that can make him a liability on the court, most notably his 29.8 percent 3-point success rate and team-worst 3.8 turnovers per game last season. These are the reasons Westbrook found himself on the bench in late-game situations.

As for James’ pledge not to “make decisions for the front office,” fans who saw James press Lakers brass to trade for Westbrook the last offseason should be forgiven for believing it when they see it. James is still the most powerful figure in the Lakers organization. He’ll undoubtedly be consulted on any major offseason personnel moves, even if GM Rob Pelinka ultimately approves them.

And, returning to James’ comments on Westbrook’s availability, is that a subtle dig at Anthony Davis? Certainly not.

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What will the Lakers do with Russell Westbrook during the offseason?

If the Lakers decide it’s time to let go of Westbrook, which they clearly must, it won’t be easy. Westbrook is owed $47 million in the final season of his five-year, $206 million contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. That contract will not be easy to get rid of.

As per Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, the Lakers endeavored to exchange Westbrook the center of the time, yet the Houston Rockets would exclude a first-round pick in return for John Wall and his correspondingly swollen agreement. The uplifting news for the Lakers is that Westbrook’s agreement might be interesting to a group searching for an agreement that is going to lapse. Notwithstanding, best of luck observing an admirer able to pay the same compensation in return. The divider was their smartest choice.

LeBron James praises Russell Westbrook: There has also been talking of a Westbrook buyout. Consider Westbrook’s guaranteed salary of $47 million for the upcoming NBA season. Why would he try to negotiate a buyout?

No, this is not going to be simple.

James will be 38 next season with the clock hanging over his career ticking even louder. His legacy so far in Los Angeles is polarized with a bubble championship and first-round playoff exit sandwiched by two seasons missing the playoffs. The pressure to perform will only intensify.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles personnel situation remains a shambles. To get out of this mess, the Lakers will have to get creative.

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