In a bold move, the Lakers traded for Grizzlies’ Steven Adams

Lakers traded for Grizzlies' Steven Adams

The 2022-23 NBA season happened a long time ago. Some teams, like Steven Adams, need to think and talk about things more than others. We saw both good and bad seasons from different teams. The Memphis Grizzlies have a lot to think about because of this.

They’ve already given it some thought. The Grizzlies didn’t put up much of a fight when Dillon Brooks signed with the Houston Rockets after he became a free agent. Then, they got Marcus Smart to replace his defensive strength. This group knew it needed to make some changes, so they did. 

Is it over for the Grizzlies? It’s difficult to say. There are a lot of big guys on this team. All three of Steven Adams, Xavier Tillman, and Brandon Clarke deserve minutes. Even Jaren Jackson Jr. needs to spend some time at the 5. Given his age, Adams might be the only one who doesn’t fit in. The Grizzlies might be able to trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers

The Trade Proposal 

Memphis gets forward/center Jarred Vanderbilt, forward Taurean Prince, and forward/center Cam Reddish. 

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: C Steven Adams 

The Lakers, on the other hand, are used to having to make changes. They had a different team when the 2022-23 season started than when it began. The Lakers knew they had to make changes, so they did so. 

In particular, they had to get rid of Russell Westbrook. The former MVP never had anything nice to say about LeBron James. Everyone else seemed to have known this long before the Lakers did. So, give them credit for making the changes that they did.

The Lakers knew they needed someone who could spread the floor out at the point. They received it. D’Angelo Russell isn’t a great shot, but he’s dangerous enough to be a good match for James. After getting him, the Lakers made it to the Western Conference Finals. If they got Steven Adams, would that make them even more dangerous? 

Why the LA Lakers make the deal 

Steven Adams is a good fit with Anthony Davis, despite some people’s opinions to the contrary. It’s important to remember that the Lakers won the 2019-20 NBA title with Davis and other big players who shared similarities with Adams but could have been even stronger.

Steven Adams is, after all, a very important player. He is one of the best people in the NBA at getting offensive rebounds. Adams’s ability to give his team more plays would help any team that wants to win. He will do well as a pick-and-roll winner next to James on offense. 

Is he worth what the Lakers are giving up to get him? We believe so. Vanderbilt didn’t play in the playoffs for this team last year. Reddish is a fast runner, and Prince doesn’t have as much effect as Adams. Should the Grizzlies settle for this group of guys in exchange for Adams? 

Why the Memphis Grizzlies make the deal 

Yes, for sure. This is about how the Grizzlies build their team. Most of the time, they’re getting Prince to replace Brooks. He could be a better defender, but he’s still solid and a more effective floor spacer. 

At the same time, Vanderbilt is an interesting addition. He might not be the best choice as a player who doesn’t shoot. On the other hand, Tillman and Clarke both give the impression of space between floors. Vanderbilt could play with either team for short periods. Because he can guard in different spots, he is a better fit for either than Steven Adams. 

Reddish finally an NBA player? So far in his career, he has been a disappointment. Still, Memphis is taking a chance on a young player with potential by giving up an experienced player at a spot where they can afford to lose him. We will know if it was a good choice in 2023-24. 

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