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3rd in Pacific Division | 44-38

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Location: Los Angeles, California
Team Name:  Los Angeles Clippers, San Diego Clippers, Buffalo Braves
Seasons: 52; 1970-71 to 2021-22
Record: 1741-2441, .416 W-L%
Playoff Appearances: 16
Championships: 0

LA Clippers History

The LA Clippers, a professional basketball team based in Los Angeles, California, has a unique and evolving history that traces back to their establishment in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves. The Clippers relocated to San Diego in 1978, at which time they adopted their current name. In 1984, they moved to Los Angeles and changed their name to what it is now.

The Clippers’ early years were marked by struggles and inconsistency on the court. Despite having talented players like Bob McAdoo, the team faced numerous challenges and needed help finding sustained success.

In 2011, the Clippers experienced a significant turning point in their history. The franchise was acquired by Steve Ballmer, a passionate and dedicated owner who brought new energy and commitment to the team. With Ballmer’s leadership, the Clippers focused on building a winning culture and creating a competitive roster.

The arrival of star players like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan propelled the Clippers to new heights. Under head coach Doc Rivers, the team made multiple playoff appearances and established itself as one of the top teams in the NBA’s Western Conference. Known for their high-flying dunks and exciting style of play, the Clippers gained a reputation as an entertaining and formidable team.

In recent years, the Clippers have continued to compete at a high level. With the help of star forward Kawhi Leonard and a strong supporting cast, the team has gone far in the playoffs. In 2021, they became the first team in franchise history to reach the Western Conference Finals.

The Clippers have a dedicated fan base known as “Clipper Nation.” Their games at the Staples Center are filled with enthusiasm and support, reflecting the passionate connection between the team and their fans.

As the franchise moves forward, the Clippers aim to build upon their recent success and establish a lasting legacy in Los Angeles. With a commitment to excellence, a strong ownership group, and a talented roster, they strive to compete for championships and bring joy to their loyal fan base.