Klay Thompson feels bad about taunting Devin Booker with ‘4 Rings’

Klay Thompson feels bad about taunting Devin Booker with '4 Rings'

NBA Updates PH – Klay Thompson was a featured guest on Paul George’s podcast, “Podcast P,” and George asked Thompson about the times he had talked trash to other players in the NBA. Thompson discussed the instances in which he had done so. In particular, Thompson reflected on a time from the previous season when he and Devin Booker, a prominent player for the Phoenix Suns, got into a heated argument.


After thinking back on it, Klay Thompson, a standout guard for the Golden State Warriors, realized that he wasn’t happy with the way he had handled himself during that particular situation. The incident occurred on October 25 of the previous season, during a game the Phoenix Suns won by a score of 135-104.

“Yeah, I was in my feelings though, and Book was busting my ass that day,” Klay Thompson told George on the podcast. “I was not where I needed to be. God. You know, stuff doesn’t age well, and that didn’t age well for me. I don’t need to be flexing four rings, bro like everybody knows that. That’s on Wikipedia. My game wasn’t where it was at, and we all get insecure at times.

Klay Thompson had a rough game, only managing to make one shot out of eight attempts and scoring a total of two points. He also had two assists in the 18 minutes he played. In contrast, Devin Booker had a great game, scoring 34 points and making 10 of 19 shots from the field. He also grabbed two rebounds, had seven assists, and stole three balls.

During the third quarter of that game, seven technical fouls were called in less than six minutes. This indicates that both teams lost their cool during that quarter. After having words with Booker, which resulted in Booker also receiving a technical for the argument, Klay Thompson was dismissed from the game and handed two swift technicals for his trouble.

Klay Thompson regrets his '4 rings' taunt toward Devin Booker

During the dispute, Klay Thompson, at one point, displayed four fingers on his hand to symbolize the four championships that the Warriors have won over the last decade. It was the first time in the player’s career, out of 651 games played during the regular season, that he was ever ejected.

” I love Klay Thompson; I have for a long time,” Booker said.” But that doesn’t excuse us from being competitive and talking to each other. I’ve always admired his game and how he plays on both sides of the ball; obviously, the rings speak for themselves.

” But I’m going to bring it every time.”

Klay Thompson expressed his profound admiration for Booker for remaining with the Suns during their transformation from a team in the process of rebuilding to a team with legitimate playoff aspirations, all while earning All-Star and All-NBA honors in the process.

“I’m brave enough to admit that we all have our moments of weakness,” Klay Thompson said on George’s podcast. “I’m not proud of that one. Cause I see Devin Booker, and I should be like a man, I should be proud of this young man—the work he’s put in.

“He survived a tough regime in Phoenix where everyone was getting traded. He’s playing for a new coach every year, but now he’s a franchise player cause he just kept working. So, I admire the guys who have a work ethic like that, you know?”

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