Kevin Durant’s Nets Issue Gets Complicated, a Trade with Philadelphia, Celtics in the Cards

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The controversy that embroiled NBA superstar Kevin Durant and his current team the Brooklyn Nets has become too complicated that sources are turning pessimistic about whether their relationship would ever be mended.

A source close to the Nets and familiar with KD said his demands to fire Nets Coach Steve Nash and Team Manager Sean Marks came from the sudden dismissal of Assistant coach and Nets Director of Player Development Adam Harrington after the season. The Nets team decided to fire Harrington without prior consultations with Durant.

The New York Post further noted that Durant was close with Harrington. KD wants to be traded if he does not get what he wants – the firing of Nash and Marks.

If Nets team owner, Joe Tsai, does not give in to their demands of Durant, the potential trade-ins and matchups had been brought to the fore by several pundits.

Tsai has to decide whether to lower his high asking price and trade Durant, before training camp starts at the end of September, as the 33-year-old star has asked.

“No team member is safe from being traded, in my opinion. The source said, “Everyone is up for grabs.”

Durant signed a new four-year, $198 million contract in 2021, so he can’t force a trade unless he stops playing.

Durant for Philadelphia Sixers Trade for Harris, Maxey, Thybulle

kevin durant

According to the NYPOST and SNY.TV’s Ian Begley has agreed that the Philadelphia Sixers might include Tobias Harris, Tyrese Maxey, and Matisse Thybulle. The 76ers, however, had lost its first-round picks to the Nets. The 76ers would have to do better to get a better deal and acquire Durant.

For the Boston Celtics, which Durant had earlier claimed as his favorite destination, the Nets would try to get Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum as probable trades. Will the Celtics give up Marcus Smart and several first-round picks in exchange for Durant? Be updated here at for more nba sports news trending and events about sports.

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