Jaylen Brown of the Celtics is ready for the standards that come with his new NBA contract

Jaylen Brown of the Celtics is ready for the standards that come with his new NBA contract

Jaylen Brown, a star for the Boston Celtics, just signed the richest deal in NBA history. But he wants to win more than just titles.

Jaylen Brown Celebrates $304M Celtics Deal

On Wednesday, he did a ceremonial signing of the deal that will keep him with the Boston Celtics and pay him a record $304 million over five years. Minutes later, he made it clear that the next stage of his basketball career was about more than just money.

“I appreciate how much the Celtics have put in and how much they care,” Brown told reporters. “That commitment will be felt from me here in Boston, both on and off the floor.”

Jaylen Brown has been able to get the supermax deal since July 1, but he said that the whole process of negotiating his contract was easy.

Jaylen Brown said, “From my point of view, they understood where I was coming from and where we were coming from, and it was all about meeting in a place where it made sense for everyone.”

Jaylen Brown said that he wants to start a project to bring “Black Wall Street” to Boston and do what he can to help close the racial wealth gap in the place he has lived in for the past seven years.

Black Wall Street was the name for a neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of the wealthiest places for Black Americans in the early 1900s before it was destroyed in the 1921 race killing.

“There are studies that show that reducing the wealth gap could be good for the economy as a whole,” Jaylen Brown said. “Since this is the NBA’s biggest financial deal ever, it makes sense to talk about your interest in the community. Two, there is a big difference in wealth here that no one wants to talk about. It’s an area where we can all do better.”

Jaylen Brown thinks that by starting new projects in Boston, he can help create new jobs, resources, and businesses to boost the economy and fill the gaps he has seen while working with his 7uice Foundation.

Because of this, he held the news conference on Wednesday at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is where 7uice’s Bridge Program is held, which aims to get more minority high school students interested in science and technology.

Wyc Grousbeck, also a co-owner of the Celtics, said that Brown’s goals are exactly why the team was happy making the long-term investment it did.

“It’s not just about a deal, money, or playing basketball. Grousbeck said, “It’s about making a difference in people’s lives.” “That’s what Jaylen means to me, to my business partner Steve Pagliuca, other people, and all of us at the Celtics. He is a real Celt. He will always be a Celtic.”

Grousbeck said that Jaylen Brown’s charitable goals go along with the team’s hopes that Brown will help them win their 18th NBA title.

“This is the next step toward that,” Grousbeck said.

When the Celtics selected Jaylen Brown as the third overall pick in 2016, Brad Stevens, the president of basketball operations, noted that Brown’s involvement of kids in his Foundation speaks volumes about his character.

“Ever since Jaylen came here, it’s been about him growing. The goal has been to get better. Stevens said, “It’s about taking on every challenge.” “I think that’s a great way to tell the difference between a player, a teammate, and someone you want to be friends with and have a long-term relationship with,” he said.

Jaylen Brown said he is ready for the demands that come with his new deal on the court.

Jaylen Brown said, “I see life as having stages and levels.” “Everything I’ve done in my job has helped me get ready for each stage. I don’t back down when things get tough. I know what people want. I know what amount of performance is expected. And I know what needs to be done. Everything I do is related to work. So, I see it as another task.”

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