Jalen Suggs and The Orlando Magic will have to slow things down again

Jalen Suggs

Jalen Suggs’ quickness was the most significant challenge for everyone since he walked on the floor during the regular season in the NBA.

Jalen Suggs threw himself into everything, moving a million miles per second and attempting to accomplish everything at once. His scoring and shooting statistics were both disappointing. And his willingness to accept a fall and perseverance in getting back up was both adorable and alarming.

Jalen Suggs’ offseason progress last week when he needed surgery to repair a stress fracture in his ankle.

Everyone should have predicted that there would be issues for a rookie guard playing a vital role for a young team without the assistance or respite that comes with more experienced players. Jalen Suggs was dealing with a lot and learning a lot simultaneously.

Magic had to find a method to slow him down in whatever way they could.

Whether it was via practice and repetition — witnessing the same circumstances repeatedly until he felt at ease — or by just setting him down and watching him. A broken thumb allowed him to see from the trenches, and he had a good flash of insight.

This offseason would be his most excellent opportunity to slow things down even more. He wouldn’t be able to learn and observe things on the go because of the cacophony of game activities. He’d be able to work at his speed to grasp better and follow these circumstances before they accelerated in Summer League and the regular season.

That procedure is now going to take a little longer. And it’s unclear what the Magic can expect from Suggs this summer.

According to the organization, Magic confirmed on Monday. That Jalen Suggs had surgery on his right ankle last week to treat a minor stress fracture. He anticipates fully recuperating this summer and returning to basketball workouts in time for training camp in the autumn.

Jalen Suggs missed 11 of the team’s last 13 games with a sprained ankle. Bringing him back for the two games he did play a strange decision. They are forcing him to leave after seeming to reaggravate that ankle injury in the previous game against the Charlotte Hornets in the final season.

It’s unclear when the Magic’s stress fracture originated or if he should have realized he had one; the fact that it describes as a minor tear suggests it was tough to detect and discovers after prolonged suffering.

However, here is where Jalen Suggs will begin his offseason. He’s back on the bench and will have to wait for approval to return to the court. That will impede him from doing the work he has to do to improve. And add to his game to make up for a statistically dismal first season.

Jalen Suggs averaged 11.8 points and 4.4 assists a game, but he only shot 36.1 percent from the field and 21.4 percent from the three-point range. Suggs averaged 12.7 points and 5.3 assists per game on 39.3% shooting in the 22 games between his thumb injury and ankle, despite a solid initial push after returning from his thumb injury.

At the very least, this indicates a statistical improvement. However, it was evident that Suggs needed to take things more slowly and play with more composure and control.

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