J Harden and 76ers win against Knicks  

J Harden and 76ers win against Knicks  

J Harden or James Harden with the Philadelphia 76ers are still going strong. After playing his first two games for the franchise on the road. He is advanced to the starting lineup. On Wednesday night, Harden made his home debut. Against the New York Knicks. And the positive vibes surrounding the Sixers continued.

Applause rose in thundering roars as Harden took the stage. It all started with his entrance, and that excitement carried on throughout the competition. The crowd in Philadelphia treated every basket that Harden made as though it were a buzzer-beater. The former MVP was eager to return the favor. Also, put on a show for his new, raucous backers. Since he first put on a Sixers uniform and for most of his career. Harden had a high rate of scoring. He also positioned his teammates to do the same.

He has appeared in three games with the Sixers so far. Harden has amassed the following stats:

  • 82 points
  • 37 assists 
  • 27 rebounds 

J Harden has 26 points (on 8 of 13 shooting from the field), nine rebounds, and nine assists in 35 minutes. He also helped the Sixers win their second straight game against the Knicks, 123-108. Joel Embiid put up another MVP-caliber performance. For the Sixers, he contributed 27 points and 12 rebounds. Tyrese Maxey scored 25 points to go along with four rebounds. And three assists for his third straight 20-point game. Both of those players have played great when paired with Harden. Harden’s simple presence is out on the court, so this isn’t surprising. All of his new teammates have benefited from his efforts.

Moreover, James Harden became the first player in NBA history to average 25 points and ten assists in a game. Since joining the Denver Nuggets in 2006, Allen Iverson has played three games with the squad. Also, Iverson wrote a message of support for Harden only hours before the game on Monday night.

RJ Barrett

Despite his status as an all-time great attacking player, When it comes to defense, Harden does not have the same reputation. But, while his defensive level of engagement is high, The floor has already been called into question. Since joining the Sixers, he has made a notable effort in this area. The accusation he made at R.J. Barrett‘s performance in the second quarter shows his dedication.

This level of effort must maintain. If Harden’s early effort is any indication of his dedication, he’ll be a force to deal with great effort. And that’s a good indication for the Sixers at this point in his career. In addition to his defensive dedication, Harden’s games with the Sixers have been particularly impressive. It’s the ease with which everything appears to be coming together. 

Furthermore, Harden and Embiid were perfect complements to one another. When two players of their quality join forces for the first time, there is generally a learning curve. Embiid and Harden have also created a great rhythm by playing off each other right away. They’ve avoided stepping on each other’s toes. Also, they have made each other’s lives easier. Embiid hasn’t had to carry as much offense weight. He hasn’t in the past, and Harden hasn’t either.

J Harden and 76ers win against Knicks  

J Harden

James Harden isn’t rushing anything. In all three games, he’s shot well over 50% from the field. In addition, when it comes to moving the ball. He has been quite proactive. Harden has an uncanny ability to sense when the Sixers require him to be aggressive. In such cases, he looks for his offense and uses it.

On Monday night, after the game, The newest Sixer talked about what it’s like to play for the team in Philadelphia. Rather than acting as an opponent, it treats as a partner. He said, “It was amazing.” “I felt the excitement, I felt the love, right from the start of the game.”

I simply wanted to go out there and show my love by playing well on both ends of the game and winning the championship. We got off to a slow start in the first half for whatever reason. However, in the second half, we stepped up our game and were more aggressive on both sides of the court, playing our brand of basketball. “

Joel Embiid

J Harden isn’t used to having the Philadelphia fans on his side. The energy created by the supporters left Embiid. Also, the big man was impressed. In addition, it is a plan to welcome Harden to his new basketball home.

“It felt like we were in the playoffs,” Embiid said. “I’ve given a lot of credit to Philly fans over the years, and they’ve always come through for us. Win or lose, they show up to support, whether it’s yelling for us or booing us, and that’s what you want. You want people to be active, and that’s what we have in Philly.”

Lastly, three games are too tiny a sample size to draw any conclusions. We’ll learn a lot more about the Sixers’ great determination in the coming weeks before drawing any broad conclusions about how useful they are (or who won the deal between them and the Nets). Also, Harden’s early returns have been as encouraging as anyone’s.

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