If Dylan Windler can impact the Cavs, it will be a big plus

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dylan Windler did not have a good season this year. From a developmental standpoint, Windler showed some promising indications in his de facto rookie season 2020-21.

Last season, he deal with injury issues again, beginning with a fourth metacarpal fracture early. In the season and having having his season short due to injury. Windler missed his rookie year due to a stress reaction in his leg, and he only played in 31 games after that. In 2020-21, this was one of 72 potential outcomes.

Windler did show potential as a catch-and-shoot player last season, and he impacted the defensive end. Especially from a team standpoint, as well as his rebounding and cutting instincts. He averaged 5.2 points and 3.5 rebounds in 16.5 minutes per game this season. He shot 33.8 percent from three on 2.5 attempts a game. Despite the injury difficulties.

On the other hand, Windler seemed to take a step back this season. Dylan Windler was out during the season’s first games due to a hip ailment. Despite some positive indicators earlier in the season and some opportunities opening up due to Lauri Markkanen’s absence. And Collin Sexton’s injury, he didn’t take advantage of them nearly enough.

Dylan Windler’s confidence was still a problem. His catch-and-shoot effect was uneven. And his shooting didn’t show much from the turn of the year.

Dylan Windler did receive some chances off the bench later in the season.

Ostensibly in place of Cedi Osman at times. And his defense and rebounding were valuable. However, I still believe Osman should have been playing in those situations.

Windler averaged just 2.2 points and 1.8 rebounds in 9.2 minutes per game throughout his 50 appearances during the season. On 1.4 attempts per game, his three-point shooting percentage decreased to 30.0 percent.

At this moment, it’s tough to determine if Dylan Windler will be a factor for the Cavaliers next season. Whether opportunities will arrive regularly. If he can, though, part of the reasons will be confidence-related. With him pulling the trigger more when the opportunities arise, which seems to be a problem.

Windler’s usage must rise if he is to impact the Cavs. He must demonstrate that he can be a rotational regular by having the confidence to do so.

As previously said, Windler was unable to improve on his first season in Cleveland. Although this time it was not due to injury. Dylan Windler performed well in 2020-21. Although his shooting slowed before his operation. There was reason to expect he may improve in his second season.

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