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4th in Southwest Division | 22-60

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Location:  Houston, Texas
Team Name: Houston Rockets, San Diego Rockets
Seasons: 55; 1967-68 to 2021-22
Record: 2303-2124, .520 W-L%
Playoff Appearances: 34
Championships: 2

Houston Rockets History

The Houston Rockets, a professional basketball team based in Houston, Texas, have a compelling history that began with their establishment in 1967 as the San Diego Rockets. In 1971, the team relocated to Houston and became the Houston Rockets, adopting the name as a nod to Houston’s connection to the space industry.

The franchise’s early years were challenging, with the team needing help finding consistent success. However, in the 1980s, the Rockets experienced a transformation that would shape their history. The team turned a corner when center Hakeem Olajuwon was taken with the first pick in the 1984 NBA Draft. Olajuwon, known for his dominant presence on both ends of the court, became the cornerstone of the team.

In the mid-1980s, the Rockets acquired another star player, Ralph Sampson, forming a formidable “Twin Towers” duo with Olajuwon. The team’s success culminated in an NBA Finals appearance in 1986, although they fell short of winning the championship.

The Rockets’ golden era came in the 1990s. Under the guidance of head coach Rudy Tomjanovich and led by Olajuwon, the team experienced tremendous success. In 1994, the Rockets captured their first NBA championship, defeating the New York Knicks in a thrilling Finals series. Olajuwon’s exceptional play and the contributions of players like Clyde Drexler, Robert Horry, and Sam Cassell propelled the team to victory.

The following season, the Rockets repeated their success, winning their second consecutive NBA championship. They became only the fifth team in NBA history to achieve back-to-back titles. Olajuwon’s brilliance and the clutch performances of players like Drexler and Horry played crucial roles in the team’s success.

In the early 2000s, the Rockets underwent a transition period. The franchise experienced changes in ownership, coaching staff, and player personnel. However, they remained competitive behind the efforts of standout players such as Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.

In recent years, the Rockets experienced a resurgence with the arrival of guard James Harden. Harden’s scoring prowess and playmaking abilities made him one of the league’s most dynamic players, leading the Rockets to multiple playoff appearances and deep runs.

The Rockets have a devoted fan base in Houston known as “Red Nation.” The team’s home games at the Toyota Center are filled with energy and passion, reflecting the deep connection between the franchise and the city.

As the franchise looks to the future, the Rockets aim to build upon their rich history and bring sustained success to Houston. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on developing young talent, they strive to compete at the highest level and add new chapters to their storied legacy.