G Jordan Clarkson Jazz Not at all on the list of the top 30 guards in the NBA

G Jordan Clarkson Utah Jazz

G Jordan Clarkson is going into the next NBA season, hoping to build on what he did last year, which was one of the best of his career. Last summer, the Utah Jazz chose to trade All-Star G Donovan Mitchell. This made it possible for the former Sixth Man of the Year to become the next starting two-guard in Salt Lake City.

Taking everything into account, he did alright.

Clarkson played a career-high 32 minutes a night in all 62 games. He averaged 20.8 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 4.8 assists. His job was to take the place of Mitchell, who left the team and was the team’s point guard. Even though he didn’t shoot as well as before (44.4/33.8/81.6), he can still score a lot and make his attack.

The Jazz deemed him worthy enough to receive another contract, as he signed a lucrative three-year deal worth $50 million to remain in the city. With the opportunity to contribute to a strong team, Clarkson has a promising chance to play a significant role in Utah’s potential playoff push later this season.

But the NBA media still looks down on the Jazz. For example, Jordan Clarkson did not make Bleacher Report’s list of the top 30 guards for next season. Clarkson was also not one of the 13 people whose names were mentioned as special mentions.

All of these guards are ahead of G Jordan Clarkson by 43.

Rising stars like Benedict Mathurin, Jaden Ivey, and Jalen Williams are among the guys who beat out the Jazz veteran in the honorable mentions. Even Mike Conley Jr., who used to play for the Jazz, found a place in the group. Chris Paul (t-29th), Austin Reaves (t-29th), Derrick White (t-28th), and Tyler Herro (t-27th) are at the bottom of the list.

G Jordan Clarkson only has a few different skills on the court, but he was still a big reason why the Jazz did so well last season. Even though he may not be as good as some of the top ten guards, giving the nine-year veteran at least a special mention seems fair.

JC will have a chance to move up in the ranks after next season. He’ll only be 31 years old, and if his team makes it to the Play-In, it could make him one of the best veterans in the game.

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