Elleby CJ’s Offensive Woes Cast a Shadow on His Prospects


A restricted free agent, Elleby earned $1.5 million last year. To sign him, the Blazers may use their early Bird rights, which are worth up to 105 percent of the average NBA salary, which was $8.25 million last season. A two-year to a four-year contract would be necessary for such a transaction. With 28 stars, Elleby participated in 58 games, averaging 5.8 points and 3.9 rebounds per contest. He had a field goal percentage of 39.3% and a three-point field goal percentage of 29.4%.

There’s little doubt that Elleby can shoot the long ball; he averaged 16.6 points per game on 36 percent three-point shooting in his two collegiate seasons. At 6-6 and 200 pounds, he was the prototypical wing, still in high demand by NBA clubs, who could play small forward and shooting guard.

Since previously restricted Elleby’s access, those routes are now accessible, and the wing expects to play 25 or more minutes every night shortly. More time on the court means more chances to score, better defense, hustle plays, calmness, and a better overall sense of the game for the players.

Elleby has failed to score more than 11 points in a game since joining the rotation, and he is shooting less than 15 percent from three-point land. Those hustling plays, aggressiveness, and second and third attempts, which compel the observer to at least take another look, suggest that possibly his entire worth hasn’t shown up in the box score.

Elleby Strengths and Weaknesses

Elleby had a chance to shine in the last two months of the season when he saw his playing time increase from less than 20 minutes per game to more than 30 due to injuries to other players. In any case, he forgot to exploit the open door offensively. In February, he only managed a 33.3% clip, and in March, he only worked a 38.9 percent clip. Elleby made only 13 of 40 shots from the field in a four-game run at the end of March. His offensive rating was just 102.6 due to his underwhelming efforts on the field.

Elleby has a good stature and length, and he always seemed to be working hard to defend the ball. When it came to defensive rating, though, he concluded the year with a score of 112. In all honesty, he had to play power forward at times, and the club struggled defensively.

Trail 2022-23 outlook

Elleby will probably not cost the Blazers an arm and a leg. There is importance in Elleby’s role as an effort player on the bench. In addition, he’s continually growing and developing. Elleby will not be part of the team’s regular lineup next season in any shape or form. Nassir Little, Josh Hart, or an established wing might all be options for the Portland Trail Blazers at small forward. It doesn’t preclude the likelihood that the Blazers may continue to work with Elleby.

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