Denver Nuggets Defeated the Warriors 126-121 on Sunday to Prevent a Series Sweep


NBA Golden State Warriors lost Game 4 by five points. According to the box score, they came back from a 17-point hole with just two minutes left to be within striking distance of victory but blew it due to a controversial inbound play. Denver Nuggets only needed one more clutch shot to force a Game 5 in San Francisco.

Nikola Jokic scored 37 points and supplied Will Barton for a 3-pointer from the left corner with 8.3 seconds left. Leading the Denver Nuggets to a 126-121 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, avoiding a series sweep. Draymond Green was spun into oblivion by Nikola Jokic, and the Nuggets survived to fight another day.

Steph Curry scored 33 points to lead the Warriors

Klay Thompson scored 22 of his 32 focuses in the wake of accepting his fourth foul as of the half. Jordan Poole had 11 focusing after averaging 27.8 in the series’ initial three games.

Morris had a total of 24 points. In the third quarter, he made five 3-pointers, the most by any player in the NBA playoffs.  

Denver Nuggets controlled the tempo in the first half


Their defense was smothering, holding the Warriors to just 26% 3-point shooting and forcing 13 turnovers for several 20 points. In 17 minutes of checking Curry, Rivers had four thefts, and Denver’s tenacity and aggressiveness gave them a 63-52 halftime advantage.

Game was chippy from the jump

Aaron Gordon and Green have given technical fouls for shouting at each other less than a minute into the game, while Jokic lay on the ground after being poked in the eye by Green.

During the first half of a game, Jokic scored 22 points on 11 shots, including back-to-back 3-pointers that enthralled an already enthralled audience. Denver’s dynamic rookie, on the other hand, was the one who lit the spark.

In addition to begin a boisterous second quarter, Hyland unleashed three straight Bones bombs. His enthusiasm spread across the team, and the Nuggets showed no signs of giving up the series.

Morris Fouled Green

Another example of the Denver Nuggets’ gamesmanship was when Morris fouled Green in the second half, receiving a hard blow to his body. The Denver Nuggets turned to Hyland late in the third quarter, showing great faith in their rookie, and he more than delivered. However, Hyland provided two key assists to keep Denver’s offense going, seeing mismatches and exploiting defensive windows. The Denver Nuggets had 12 minutes to maintain their 98-89 lead heading into the fourth quarter. 

Denver Nuggets Victory?

In addition to help Denver Nuggets second unit, freshman Bones Hyland scored 15 points, threw out seven assists. And grabbed four rebounds in his first elimination game. Monte Morris saved 19 of his 24 focuses on the last part, including a game-dominating. Jumper with 33 seconds left in the final quarter to break a 121-121 stop. Morris convinced himself, “It was only a matter of time.” “Shoot it confidently.” That’s why we come in on our off days to work out.”

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