Cousins DeMarcus Doubles Down on Harsh Kings comments ‘I said what I said’


DeMarcus Cousins reiterates his displeasure with the Sacramento Kings. When Marc J. Spears interviewed the four-time All-Star recently, he claimed that he had done more for the organization than they had done for him.

Cousins asked Spears, “What did Sac do for me?” “If you don’t know my name, say it. I went above and beyond what they could have done for me. Just be honest about it. They were being forward and truthful. In seven years, it was two owners, three general managers, and seven coaches. I stayed for seven years in total. There were three general managers, two owners, and seven coaches working for me at the time. There isn’t much else to say.”

In an interview with FOX 40’s Sean Cunningham earlier this week, Cousins reiterated his criticisms of the organization while making it clear that he did not mean his ire towards the team’s supporters or the city of Sacramento.

Cousins and the Kings don’t look to be on the road to reconciliation soon. Cousins was viewed as truly outstanding players in team history until being moved to the New Orleans Pelicans halfway through the 2016-2017 season.

It’s been 16 years since Sacramento last made the playoffs, but the team hasn’t given up hope of making it back.

Cousins told Cunningham

Cousins told Cunningham, “I stated what I said, and I stand by it. “However, I have a great deal of affection for the city and its followers. People in Sacramento are like family to me. All the good things in my life and profession have made me appreciative. Because of that, I’ve grown into a better person and a stronger guy. Consequently, I’m thankful for every event, whether good or terrible. However, I stood by my words.”

On the other hand, Cousins see nothing wrong with what they’ve already done. Even though he’s moved on from the incident, he still has the same point of view. Cousins explained, “For me, it’s not even sentiments; it’s facts.” “The truth is, I can genuinely say that when I look back. I have no hostility or enmity against anybody in particular. Even though we’ve all grown up since the events of that historical period, the facts remain the facts.”

The 2010 NBA Draft’s fifth overall selection, DeMarcus Cousins, told Spears that he regretted not attending his pre-draft workout with the Sacramento Kings. The organization, not the city of Sacramento, was the focus of his criticisms.

By saying, “I was primarily referring to the organization,” Cousins informed Cunningham. “Nothing about this has a say in the city, with the supporters, or the connection between the two. That’s how I feel, and I stand by that, speaking for the company.”

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