“Couldn’t tolerate him because he usually tripped me,” Deron Williams says of the one NBA player he wants to fight

Deron Williams

Former Brooklyn Nets player Deron Williams made a tremendous sports return four years after his final NBA game. But, according to popular belief, it wasn’t a triumphant comeback to the NBA; instead, it was the three-time All-first Star’s foray into combat sports.

Deron Williams debuted in combat sports in December 2021, when he faced former NFL great Frank Gore in an exhibition boxing battle. Some may have been surprised, but “D-Will” claims he has always enjoyed fighting, even during his NBA days.

In the NBA, Deron just wanted to face one opponent.

Basketball is such a competitive sport that there were moments when Deron Williams was on the verge of fighting one of his NBA teammates. In-game brawls with Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, and Corey Maggette were among his most memorable. None of those above had, however, gotten under Williams’ skin.

Deron Williams claims that his former teammate Dahntay Jones was the only NBA colleague with whom he wanted to spar.

Last year, Deron Williams told Sports Illustrated, “The man I used to get into it with was Dahntay Jones.” “I couldn’t bear him because he tripped me all the time.” On D, I always went all out. I would have said him till I played with him in Cleveland, and he became my boy. I adore Dahntay, but it was probably him before that.”

Born to battle

Ahead of his exhibition bout against Gore, Deron Williams tells that, apart from basketball. He’s in combat sports. After formally retiring from the league, he already understood that fighting would be his new lease of life.

The 37-year-old couldn’t pass up a chance to do something he enjoyed with that in mind.

Deron Williams told the Chicago Sun-Times, “I always fascinating to combat sports.” “My first sport was wrestling. I’ve always been huge boxing and mixed martial arts enthusiast. Since I retired [from the NBA], I’ve always wanted to fight.”

He said, “Look, I’ve been training for years.” “Of course, boxing is a part of MMA. This opportunity presented itself, and I felt like I’d kick myself if I didn’t take advantage.”

Deron Williams indicated he might never fight again after winning his first and last boxing contest. We’ll see what happens.

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