Butler Jared’s Debut Season was Less than Ideal and Remains Optimistic about the Future


The 2021-22 NBA season began for Jared Butler, with the Baylor Bears had just won the NCAA title. His rookie season was primarily developmental. With minimal playing time at the Jazz’s bottom of the depth chart, despite his lofty expectations.

On the other hand, Butler has a renewed sense of optimism as the Jazz prepare to approach an offseason. That will undoubtedly bring about significant changes.

In light of Butler’s skill and NBA-ready shooting profile, it’s logical that he maintains an optimistic attitude on his career path. In addition, he has an unyielding will to learn, a fearlessness to ask questions, and an unwavering desire to improve regardless of the circumstances.

Butler had a significant role in the Jazz’s crushing defeat in Game 4

An NBA playoff game against the Dallas Mavericks on April 25 saw Butler earn 4 minutes. And 41 seconds of playing time. Even though Donovan Mitchell hurt in the fourth quarter. And Butler’s minutes came amid the Jazz’s Game 4 blowout defeat, it was still a crucial moment for him. When he was in the NBA playoffs, he felt the audience’s excitement, and he was on the floor. Throughout the season, Butler had several “welcome to the NBA” situations of this kind.

“It’s like playing against Chris Paul and LeBron James, ” as Butler put it,” two players he grew up idolizing. Subsequently, “I can now think back and say, man, that was like a turning point.” Nonetheless, the 21-year-old confronted some unexpected and challenging situations. Butler said he “didn’t anticipate playing in the G League.” To play in the NBA is a goal of mine.

Jared’s Junior year

It was no issue of his own. However, the rookie guard felt he couldn’t show off his full potential since he was in the shadow of an experienced rotation. As a result, they were short-lived even when he granted them chances.

Butler averaged over 30 minutes per game and 16.7 points per game in his last season at Baylor. Butler played more than 10 minutes in only 11 of his first NBA games after being selected 40th overall.

If you add up the number of appearances Butler made in the NBA this season (43, including four minutes in the playoffs), he spent most of his time on the bench with the other deep bench guys.

The Jazz had a difficult summer as they tried to figure out their long-term plans for the organization. Even if we don’t know what the Jazz’s top brass plans to accomplish, we can assume that the group will put forth a purposeful attempt to add more youthful talent.

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