Break guards in case of emergency in the 2022 Orlando Magic Player Evaluations


Magic: NBA Draft Break Guard is a must have for every NBA player. It is a breakthrough product for NBA.

The Magic had to hurry to complete their roster, which needing help due to many long-term injuries. Indeed even though it was the proper thing to do in this case, the league would not postpone the game.

Orlando was fortunate in that they were playing at home. And, to make matters even better, the team’s G-League affiliate in Lakeland was also in town. The Magic quickly added players from their G-League squad to their roster. It provides a chance for several athletes to make an impact. It is an opportunity that is belief to be abundant for a young, rebuilding club – primarily near the season’s conclusion. The Magic were a squad that could afford to give young players a chance. They’re a squad that needs to be able to identify players in places where others aren’t searching to aid their fledgling franchise.

The Magic’s track record with the Lakeland Magic isn’t terrific.

Lakeland has had a lot of success as a squad. Earning a championship in the G-League bubble last year, but its players haven’t influenced the main roster. Devin Cannady is the most successful Lakeland player to make an early impression in Orlando. Even yet, the verdict is still out on him.

Rather than guys who might blossom into more significant roles, the Magic have focused on two-way players. The Magic’s two-way decisions have been underwhelming.

On the other hand, Lakeland did not have a very successful season. Lakeland had a down season, missing the playoffs for the first time in three seasons and finishing 11-21, seven games out of the final playoff spot.

Orlando will probably need to refill its G-League roster and utilize it to unearth more diamonds in the rough. Cannady may yet surprise us after signing an exclusive NBA deal late in the season. He’ll have the opportunity to help solidify the Lakeland-to-Orlando pipeline.

Unfortunately, few other players, whether they were called up from the G-League or brought in on an emergency basis, stood out even when given a chance. It’s difficult to argue that the Magic got much out of their back-end players, regardless of when deployed. We’ll go through some newcomers to the squad, including post guys and prominent men. For the time being, we’ll concentrate on the guards.

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