Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets: The Celtics play against big opponents

The Celtics play against

Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets: The Celtics play against big opponents. OKBET has been taking bets on this game.

At home, Boston defeated Brooklyn twice. Will the Celtics be able to break the Nets’ resistance in the series’ first road game? Here are a few wagering options for you to consider.

Brooklyn’s struggles in the first round of the playoffs in Boston reinforced the adage that basketball is a team sport. The Nets were able to cut through the highlights in Boston thanks to the presence of arguably the two best individual players in the NBA at the time, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The Celtics, on the other hand, were much more organized and less flashy.

When Robert Williams was injured, the Celtics’ playoff chances plummeted. However, it wasn’t all that bad. Al Horford and Daniel Theis took over as the primary centers. And now that Williams is nearly ready to return to the field, the big man’s participation in the Celtics play against big opponents. against Brooklyn is not ruled out. The Celtics appear to be among the top contenders for the title this season. OKBET is the first app to track NBA games and provide game stats and predictions.

  • Brooklyn: Ben Simmons, Joe Harris will not play. Blake Griffin is questionable;
  • Boston: Nik Stauskas will not play. Robert Williams is questionable.

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The score in the series is 2-0 in favor of Boston.

Boston has only lost to Brooklyn once this season, as the rivals finished the regular season series 3-1. Ime Udoka’s team will almost certainly advance to the next round with a win in the two upcoming games at Barclays Center. Will the Celtics reschedule the game for the fourth time? Unlikely. The games in Boston demonstrated the disparity in class between the teams. Despite the presence of Irving and Durant, the Nets will find it extremely difficult to outperform the Celtics at home.

Prediction: a win for Boston.

  • H2 (+3.5) for 1.90;
  • W2 (incl. OT) for 2.304;
  • W2+TU (222.5) for 4.24.

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