Boston Celtics: KG says, ‘Ray’s next,’ as the Celtics retire his No. 5 jersey

Boston Celtics: KG says

Boston Celtics: KG says — With a few curses, a primal scream, and a few tears, Kevin Garnett helped hoist his No. 5 to the TD Garden rafters on Sunday (Monday, Manila time), alongside the. 2008 NBA championship banner he helped win shortly after moving to Boston.

On a day that included live and video tributes from ex-partners, previous Celtics greats, others. NBA A-listers, and even performer Kenny G, Garnett became the 24th individual in establishment history to have his number retired.

None of the previous honorees had quite the same combination of intensity, hard work, and humor. Garnett brought when he joined Paul Pierce and Ray Allen for the New Big Three that ended the franchise’s longest title drought.

“Before he arrived, we were having one of our most exceedingly awful seasons, and he was only that infusion in the heart that we wanted,” Pierce, whose No. 34 was retired in 2018, said after the game. Boston Celtics: KG says — “You carried a feeling of culture to this group that was frantically required, and you reestablished. Boston pride—Celtic pride—to it.”

Garnett entered the court with his little girls, wearing a dull suit and a dark turtleneck, with a. Ukrainian banner strip on his lapel and a. Celtics green handkerchief, and was welcomed by a previous partner and current telecaster Brian Scalabrine.

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — Scalabrine asked, with the title prize on a table behind them, where Garnett got the enthusiasm that moved him from the fifth in general draft select from a. Chicago secondary school to the ball Hall of Fame.

“No one lets you know how to utilize your superpower,” Garnett said, adding that he saw his mom work vigorously to raise him. “I sorted out it; it’s in my DNA.”

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — The day also included a reunion with Allen, which ended a public feud that erupted after the sharpshooting guard left the. Celtics for the Miami Heat. The two players hugged, and Pierce quickly joined them before Garnett yelled into the microphone, “Ray’s next, damn it!”

Garnett spent only six seasons in Boston, but they included five of his 15 career All-Star appearances and the. Celtics’ 17th championship. He won the 2004 NBA MVP award with the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he began and ended his 21-year NBA career.

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — In a video tribute, Hall of Famer. Bill Russell said, “I’m glad to see you’re a member of this elite club.” “I’ve always enjoyed watching you play, and our jerseys now hang in the rafters together.”

was given a piece of the original parquet floor, a custom bottle of tequila, and a portrait of himself popping his. Celtics jersey, as well as “an NFT gift basket” from the Celtics As he raised the banner to the rafters, his daughters joined him, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Other tributes came from. Celtics Hall of Famer. Kevin McHale, who was also the Timberwolves general manager when Garnett was traded to Boston; the TNT broadcast crew, which included Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley; Danny Ainge, the general manager who built the ’08 championship team; and former teammates Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo. (In the crowd, former Piston Isiah Thomas was booed.)

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — “You changed the way of life of the Boston Celtics, and you showed us such a great amount about the stuff to win,” ex-Celtics mentor Doc Rivers, who presently mentors the Philadelphia 76ers, said. “Each mentor in America – to be sure, every mentor on the planet – ought to have the amazing chance to mentor Kevin Garnett, the best cooperative person who at any point played the game.”

Boston Celtics: KG says — During the game, in which the Celtics lost 95-92 to the Dallas Mavericks, recordings amused the fans with accounts of. Garnett’s incredible power, including the time he tested partner Glen “Large Baby” Davis to arm wrestle.

On the saxophone, Kenny G performed “Loving You.” Boston Celtics: KG says — “Congratulations from one KG to another,” he said.

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — The field rang out with the. 1970s-time “Gino Time” video that the Celtics would play after. Garnett’s Celtics had wrapped up another triumph, about an hour after the misfortune that finished a five-game series of wins and was the day’s just ominous energy.

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Celtics fans can forgive Ray Allen thanks to Kevin Garnett: 6 takeaways from his retirement jersey

Kevin Garnett made the most of the open door on a night that was as a rule about him to stop his long-running fight with Ray Allen.

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — The feud, which began when Garnett refused to shake. Allen’s hand after Allen signed with the rival Heat appeared to thaw during the. All-Star break when a viral photo of Garnett, Allen, and Paul Pierce sharing a moment surfaced.

Then word spread that Allen would attend. Garnett’s jersey retirement ceremony at TD Garden on Sunday, following the Celtics’ game against the Mavericks. Sure enough, Allen was in the building, and Celtics fans greeted him warmly.

Garnett, on the other hand, saved the warmest reception. Boston Celtics: KG says — Allen after the game. Garnett pointed to Allen completely unprompted, in the middle of a different answer.

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — “Nice to see Ray Allen here,” he said. “Real s—.”

The audience erupted, and Allen walked over to hug Garnett. Paul Pierce joined them and embraced both of them. Boston Celtics: KG says — On an evening that the Celtics’ operations team meticulously planned and executed down to the minute. The best moment was raw and unscripted.

Boston Celtics: KG says — “Ray’s up next, dammit,” Garnett yelled into the mic.

To be clear, Allen is unlikely to be the next victim. Boston Celtics: KG says — As influential as Garnett has been to the franchise. Allen did leave early, he did join a rival team, and the Celtics did farm out the No. 20 to Gordon Hayward in the interim.

Boston Celtics: KG says — Nonetheless, the embrace felt like a monumental moment shared by the. Big Three with every Celtics fan in attendance.

After the ceremony, reporters surrounded Allen.

Boston Celtics: KG says — “I was hesitant to come,” Allen explained, “not because I didn’t want to be here, but because I wasn’t sure if Kevin wanted me here.”

Allen went on to say that he wasn’t sure if. Garnett wanted him to come, but he was excited to return to TD Garden, where the. Big Three shared so many monumental, formative moments in building their respective legacies. Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — The thawing during All-Star weekend also helped.

Boston Celtics: KG says — “Words were not expected to be traded,” Allen made sense of. “Simply being around one another and talking somewhat, similar to. Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey— ‘We’re elderly people, men, now, and we don’t have anything to pause for a minute or two and be furious about in light of the fact that we did a few extraordinary things together, and we need to keep on commending that pushing ahead.'”

Boston Celtics: KG says — “I don’t like being outside,” he added.

Garnett established the culture in Boston for many years. Boston Celtics: KG says — His ferocity and competitiveness couldn’t be matched. But he expected teammates to approach the game with the same ferocity and competitiveness he did.

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — Garnett also contributed to the culture of Celtics fans. Grit and loyalty were admirable qualities. The ultimate sin was disloyalty (just ask Kyrie Irving). Boston Celtics: KG says — By forgiving Allen, Garnett did more than just put an end to a feud with an old teammate; he gave the city permission to forgive a player with a troubled past.

Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — As Allen stated, the Big Three are now old(er) men who accomplished great things together.

“I got the impression that people here felt the same way. Kevin did,” Boston Celtics: KG says, retirement jersey — Allen said. “Once he accepted me, the people accepted me as well.” That was my impression.

Boston Celtics: KG says — “I was glad we were able to do that so that people could see it and we could say, ‘We won with this guy in. 2008, and that’s what matters most.'”

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