Ben Simmons is dealing with back pain ahead of his Nets debut

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons, Nets coach Steve Nash told reporters that Simmons’ back injury is “not a long-term thing.”

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Ben Simmons is suffering from back pain as the Brooklyn Nets’ new acquisition prepares to make his debut in 2021-22.

Before Saturday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Nets coach Steve Nash confirmed that the three-time All-Star has experienced “just a little soreness in his back.”

“It’s not like it’s an injury,” Nash explained. “It’s just that as he’s getting back into the game, his back has flared up a little.” It’s not like it’s a long-term commitment.”

In a Feb. 10 exchange that sent 10-time All-Star James Harden and Paul Millsap to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Nets procured the 6-foot-10 gatekeeper/forward alongside Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two future first-round picks.

Simmons, the No. 1 general pick in the 2016 draft, hasn’t played since the 76ers were crushed in the. Eastern Conference elimination rounds by the Atlanta Hawks last season. The previous summer, he requested an exchange.

Nash stated, “He hasn’t played a game since June.” “I believe that’s just a part of his process of getting back into the game”. As you ramp up, you’re more susceptible to certain things, such as muscle soreness or tightness.”

Simmons told reporters after the trade that he hoped to play again by the time the. Nets visited Philadelphia on March 10.

Ben Simmons’ injury:

He’s consulting with outside doctors about his back pain and recovery.

Ben Simmons, who is normally invincible, is currently dealing with back problems. The 23-year-old “suffered nerve impingement in (his) lower back” during Saturday’s game in Milwaukee. According to The Athletic Shams Charania, will be re-evaluated in about two weeks.

What we know

A team representative confirmed to The Athletic that it is “nerve impingement in the lower back”. He was cleared to play against the Bucks but didn’t last five minutes. Ben Simmons’ back injury could be related to a herniated disc, Dr. Scott Boden says. Or it could just simply have been from back tightness, and a back sprain that was unrelated. The 76ers point guard took a hard fall after a put-back dunk in the All-Star Game.

Ben Simmons: Ask the experts

Once more, the accompanying skill incorporates a significant admonition: These specialists have not seen Simmons’ MRI. They are talking given their insight and skill with the kind of injury that has been accounted for.

Each of the subtleties encompassing Ben Simmons physical issue is not known, to some degree openly. All things considered. Because of these variables, we talked with two specialists for clearness on what a nerve impingement implies: Boden and Dr. Michelle Noreski, an associate teacher of Temple’s Clinical Orthopedic Surgery, and Sports Medicine.

Here is a portion of their general (once more, the catchphrase here) important points:

  • It could be a disc problem: 

We don’t know without a doubt what’s causing the squeezed nerve, yet. It very well may be a circle issue. Nonetheless, as indicated by the data accessible to people. In general, the most well-known reason for a nerve impingement is an enlarged plate (ligament in the middle of the vertebrae in the spine).

In 23- and 24-year-olds, the most common cause of a pinched nerve is a herniated disk. Bone spurs or arthritic changes are more unusual in someone Ben Simmons’s age. It is more difficult to diagnose pain in the lower back that does not radiate to the lower extremities.

Rest and treatment are usually the first options for a herniated disc:

In these cases, surgery would be excruciatingly painful. Boden estimates that 90 percent of herniated discs resolve on their own without the need for surgery. Simmons will “undergo daily treatment and rehab,” according to Charania.

In these cases, surgery would be excruciatingly painful. Boden estimates that 90 percent of herniated discs resolve on their own without the need for surgery. Simmons will “undergo daily treatment and rehab,” according to Charania.

The recovery time from a herniated disc could extend into the playoffs: 

The Sixers, of course, provided no timetable other than a two-week re-evaluation. It’s reasonable to expect the Sixers to complete those treatments during this two-week period.

Final thoughts

Regardless of Ben Simmons’s on-court performance, he has been an ironman since taking a redshirt rookie year after a teammate injured Simmons’ foot during training camp. In his first three seasons, he was 12th, ninth, and tenth in minutes played among all players (through Saturday’s games).

Brown, when faced with the choice of playing Josh Richardson or one of Raul Neto/Trey Burke, chose to play. Simmons for nearly entire second halves of close games on multiple occasions this season (and sometimes. The full 24 minutes of play).

No one knows whether Ben Simmons will be accessible for the end of the season games. On the off chance that he isn’t, or on the other hand assuming he’s lessened. It’s challenging to imagine the Sixers making a profound season finisher run. Furthermore, that gives off an impression of being the situation here. Indeed, even before Simmons went down. There was motivation to have some misgivings. Philadelphia’s possibilities in view of how they’ve played this season (and how steady a portion of the other East competitors have been).

But, whatever is causing the nerve impingement, Simmons has a lot of good years of basketball ahead of him. It is critical to handle this injury with caution, both now and in the future.

For the Sixers, who have been burdened by high expectations all season. The 76ers should be able to get through the rest of the regular season without. Simmons, thanks to one of the easiest remaining schedules. A limited set of plausible seeding outcomes (in the fourth- to sixth-place range in the East). And a suddenly on-his-game Embiid. However, no matter where they finish after 82 games, Philadelphia will face a legitimately good opponent in the first round. Of course, anything can happen in the playoffs, which begin on April 18, but. Simmons’ inability to play at a high level appears to be too much to overcome.

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